Know the actual history of Christmas and Santa Claus 25 December

Europe, America, etc. is currently the Christmas Day in Christian countries, but most people do not even know why this is celebrated.

Even in India, some naive Hindus congratulate Christmas and celebrate Christmas with them, but they also do not know why Christmas is celebrated.

Know the actual history of Christmas and Santa Claus 25 December:

Some people have the illusion that this day is the birthday of the Prophet Jesus Christ But the truth is that there is no relation to the birthday of Jesus on December 25. Birth of Jesus on the basis of Enno Domini call system, 7 to 2 B.C. Was between.

In fact, on the 25th of December, the 'Makar Sankranti' festival was celebrated on December 25 and the country Europe-America used to worship Sun worship this day. Makar Sankranti slips forward one day in about 80 years due to the sun and the speed of the earth.
According to the calculation, on the 22nd of December, Sun turns towards Uttarayanay and on 22nd June, leads to Dakshinaayan. Cine count is a direct sighting. According to which, on December 22, Sun Horizon begins to move north towards the south by dividing the border to its south. So Makar used to celebrate Sankranti 25.
According to the information given in the World, Treasury Christmas Day was started with the aim of ending Sun worship.

In the year 325 AD, replaced by the name of Nikkeya (now Egan-Turkey), Emperor Constantine did a conference of prominent clergy and plan to make it effective in Christianity.

318 pastors of entire Europe were included in it. In the same, it was decided that on December 25, Makar Sankranti should be given a tradition of worshiping the worship of Sun worship, and it should be hidden that Jesus had received religious education in India for 17 years. With this, the decision to deny marriage to Jesus Christ of Magdalen was done in this conference. And later the first Christmas Day was celebrated December 25, 336.

Let us tell you that Jesus did Yoga for 17 years after learning Sadhana from the Sages of India in Kashmir. Later, when he went to the country of Rome, the whole Roman city was decorated there in his reception and the famous prostitute named Magdalen The feet were washed with others and wiped Jesus' feet with silk long hair.

Later ########################################################################## Afterwards, after more people's contact with Josbal ended and they were crucified, the entire city of Rome was against them Only 6 people from the city of Rome were unhappy with their crucifixion.

What are the Christmas and the connection of Santa Claus?
Do you know that Santa Claus has a relationship with Christmas, singing Jingal Bell and wearing a red dress?
  • No relation with Santa Claus Christmas!
  • You will be surprised to know that Santa Claus has no relation to Christmas.
  • Such testimonies show that in the name of Santa Claus, the bishop Saint Nicholas, in the city of Meera, Turkish, began in the fourth century, he used to give gifts to poor and destitute children.
  • Now, do not have to take Jesus with Christmas and neither from Santa Claus. 
  • Yet, those who have studied in India celebrate the festival without cause. All these Christian is celebrated in India to eliminate Christian culture and to celebrate Christmas Day. So you Be careful.
  • The meditation begins with the New year of Hindus from the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada.
  • Hindu great Indian is the great sage of culture, there are offspring of the souls, so the alcoholic who consumes meat-eaters New Year of the British celebrates New Year does not adorn the Indians. 
Do the British celebrate Indian New Year? 

Then why Indians celebrate their new year .. ???

The number of government jobs in India is closed on March 31 and they start in new ways from 2 April because the Indian New Year comes at the same time.

Hindu Saints have always introduced us to the divine culture of India and even today, the fragrance of Hindu Saints Hindu culture is spreading in all four directions. That is why he had to bear so much by not knowing the heresy.

Since the last year 2014, the life of Man Manas, with happiness, harmony, health, and peace in the country should be Gangal. With this public interest, Hindu Saint Asaram Bapu started as "Tulsi Poojan Dain" on December 25, the Indian also got 25 Dec. Tulsi celebrated by worshiping

The worship of Tulsi increases morale, character, and health protects against mental depression and suicide.

Even after death, modulator Tulsi worshiping the importance of Poojan introduced the Jan-Manas to the Substantially of the Indian Culture of the Sages of the Hindu Saints.

Blessed are those saints who are still serving in the service of culture by not seeing injustice, tyranny with them.

Instead of burning a bulb on a plastic tree on December 25, worship the mother Tulsi, which offers 24-hour oxygen.


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