How many of you know AM/PM , derived from our indic "Sanskrit" and then later got "twisted".?


What is  A.M. and P.M?

All these days, we were made to believe that, the terms A.M. and P.M. stands for:
  • A.M.  -   ante meridian
  • P.M.  -    post meridian
But how it got?
( _ante_ of  what )  and  ( _post_ of what)  never clarified ... !!!

(what = the subject  itself is missing)

Now our ancient *Sanskrit* texts have blown off d ambiguity & "the things r now Cristal clear"

Just take a look:-
  • A.M. =  Aarohanam Marthandasya
  • P.M.  =  Pathanam Marthandasya
The ‘Sun’ who is vital 2 d calculation remains un-mentioned. This is unthinkable &unjustifiable. That lacuna arises because it is not realized that d letters A.M. and P.M. r the initials of the hoary .

Sanskrit expressions

 (आरोहणम् मार्तडस्य्) Arohanam Martandasaya

 _(i.e. the climbing of the sun)_


 (पतनम् मार्तडस्य्) Patanam Martandasaya

 _(i.e. the falling of the sun)_

_.........  Are  We  Clear .. ?_

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