Five Ancient Indian History enthusiasts Recommended books !

5 Ancient Indian History enthusiasts Recommended books !
These four books that are a definite read for all Indian who are serious about understanding ancient India and the Vedic Saraswati civilization that we wrongly dub the Indus civilization. Nomenclature notwithstanding these books is soon destined to become the foundational works of a great new edifice on revised and honest ancient Indian history.

Famed Buddhist Nalanda University
Famed Buddhist Nalanda University
The sound scientific approach and evidence provided in these books is monumental and groundbreaking compared to the redundant, weak and non scientific 'linguistic' Aryan Invasion theory (AIT) perpetuated by the likes of Michael Witzel, Asko Parpola, Steve Farmer and few other Indian scholarly fossils led by Romilla Thapar and her band of happily ignorant deniers.

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The increasingly defunct Aryan Invasion theory relies primarily upon linguistics making it a 'one show pony circus' and a highly subjective one at that, its a non-scientific approach based on individual conjecture and imagination with stray reference to passages in the Vedas retrofitted into a preconceived theory.
Whereas the approach taken by the authors of these four books is founded on science - Satellite imagery of the Saraswati river basin showing old river flows, Genetics (AIT theorist have no clue on genetics), astronomy, sound knowledge of the 'Vedas' and the 'Puranas', archeological findings from newly discovered sites, path-breaking language decipherment techniques and new approach of correlating epoch-making events (the last Ice Age, the post Holocene, global drought, tectonic events in NW India) in the natural history of earth and mankind for the possible creation and the subsequent demise of the Vedic Saraswati civilization. 

All in all the authors of these books are Scientists, Mathematicians, Vedic gurus who have no past reputation, the justification for grants, university chairs to protect or preserve but the same can't be said of the likes of Witzel, Parpola, Farmer or even Romilla Thappar. who stick to their dead theories. The authors of these books have already achieved glory in their field of work and have brought their great intellect, scientific mindset and scientific reasoning to the study of a perplexing chapter of India's hoary past and any day I will choose a scientists or a mathematicians reasoning to the personal opinion or conjecture  of an arts student  teaching history or linguistics.


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