Vedic Aspect of Devi - Devya-Atharv-Sheersh

           Namami Twam Maha Devim, Maha Bhaya Vinashinim |
           Maha Durg Prashmanim, Maha Karaunyaa Roopinim   ||
The Vedic praise to Devi , known as DevyaAtharvSheersh is recited on the ocasion of Vedic Praan pratistha of Devi Idols and yantras.

The formless and Omnipresent form of Devi has been very well described in this text.

I would quote a small portion of it here.

The Sanskrit text is somewhat like this:
Yasya Swaroopam Bhramaadyo Naa Jaananti, Tasmaad Uchyate Agyeyaa |
Yasya Anto Naa Labhayte, Tasmaad Uchyate Anantaa ||
Yasya Lakshyam Naa Uplakshyate, Tasmaad Uchyate Alakshyaa |
Yasya Jananam Naa Uplabhyate, Tasmaad Uchyate Ajaa ||                                   
Ekev Sarvatr Vartate, Tasmaad Uchyate Ekaa |
Ekev Vishwaroopini, Tasmaad Uchyate Nekaa ||
Atah, Evochyate Agyeyaa, Anantaa, Alakshyaa, Ajaa, Ekaa, Neketi ||
  • Even the Gods like Bhrama etc also do not understand her form, So she is called Agyeya;
  • She is the one whose End can not be reached, So she is called Anantaa;
  • Her motive is not known, so she is known as Alakshyaa;
  • Her birth is not known, therefore she is called as Ajaa;
  • She alone exists everywhere, so the Vedas call her Ekaa;
  • She alone is seen in the form of this whole world, so she is called Neka.
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