Budha Ashtami Yog

Budha Ashtami Yogam

Some combinations of tithis(dates) and days are considered very auspicious.

Examples are:
  • Saptami tithi + Sunday
  • Ashtami tithi + Wednessday
  • Amavasya tithi + Monday
In this article I would discuss about the Ashtami tithi plus Wednesday  Combination. It is known as BudhaAshtami.

Traditionally, on this day durga devi is worshiped. Keeping a fast on this day removes previous janam sins.

Also, it is effective for Budh graha dosh removal. People with afflicted bhudh in their horoscopes or people who are running budh grah mahadasha/antardasha should fast on this day or worship budha deva.

This is a very auspicious day for karma removal rituals, one should worship:
  • Ganesha:  Wednesday is associated with budhi(intelligence) and Ganesha is the lord representing intelligence
  • Durga Devi: She is associated with ashtami tithi and budha graha(as per lal kitab)
  • Shiva/Bhairav: Ashtami tithi falling in the krishna paksha is associated with Bhairav
  • Vishnu/Krishna: Krishna was born on a ashtami tithi, and the day was also wednessdsay
  • Budha Graha:  Wednessday is associated with Budha planet
One can worship the devtas as per the individual inclinations / desires:
  • Ganesha: Removal of Obstacles , Intelligence and Wealth
  • Durga Devi: Removal of Obstacles , for gettig difficult tasks accomplished
  • Shiva/Bhairav: Rahu/Shani/Ketu/Budha shanti and Removal of Obsctacles
  • Vishnu/Krishna: For all round happiness and peace
  • Budha: For budha related issues, as per the horoscope
Special Stotras to be recited for this day as per the devta:
  • Ganesha: Sankat Nashan Ganesha Stotra
  • Durga Devi: Chandi Kavach/ Durga 108 names/ Durga 32 Names/ Durga Aapad Udharak Stotra
  • Shiva/Bhairav: Mahamrityumjaya Mantra and Bhairav Sahasranaam
  • Vishnu/Krishna: Vishnu Sanahranaam and Gopal Saharanaam
  • Budha: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaye Namah and Budh graha stotras
Astrological Tips for the Day: 

1) Feed cows with Palak(spinach) and green fodder

2) Donate green sari/cloth, green bangles and green moong daal with soem money to an enuch

3) Donate green sari/cloth, green moong daal, cardmom and spinach  with soem money in a temple.

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