Upveda:Translaters and Publications of Upaveda

Upveda:Translaters and Publications of Upaveda
The Up-Vedas are the texts on the auxillary themes of the Vedas. The Upveda of RigVeda, YajurVeda, SamaVeda and Atharv Veda are Economics, Military Science, Music and Dance and Medical Sceinces respectively. There are 5 Upveda that can be traced in some meaningful form, they are as follows:-
  1. Ayurveda (Sciences relating to LIFE and MEDICINE):- Ayurveda is related to the secret of life and the science of long life. The originator of Ayurveda is supposed to be Lord Dhanwantari. Apart from him, other prominent names are Aitareya, Kashyapa, Harit, Agnivesha, and Bhedamuni. At present, three important books of Ayurveda are: Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Vaagbhatta Samhita. These three books are collectively called Brihat-trayi. Patanjali has also authored text on Ayurveda.
  2. Dhanurveda: This Upveda explains Spiritual sciences like PURUSHARTHA, DUTIES, DEEDS, etc and also Material sciences like CIVIL and MILITARY defense, war and politics. The Ramayana and Mahabharata a good deal of light is thrown upon this science and art, particularly in the descriptions of battles. The most ancient books of Dhanurveda are not available, but some of the known books are Dhanurvidhi, Drauna Vidya, Kodanda Mandana and Dhanurveda Samhita.
  3. Gandharva Veda: Gandharvaveda is the science of music, derived from the Sama-Veda, and we have already dealt with this subject briefly, while dealing with the Vedaanga of Chhandas. Apart from Devotional Music it also deals with some subjects of Spiritual Sciences.
  4. Shilpa Veda (Sthapatya Ved): It deals with architecture and various arts. According to Shukra-niti there are a number of arts but 64 are considered to be more prominent.
  5. Artha Veda: Artha-Veda is the Upaveda of the Atharva-Veda, which deals with social, economic, and political systems. In the early medieveal times Artha Shashtra was also authored by Chanakya
Sr No Title Author Publisher, Place Language
 1Dhanur Veda Dr.Devvrat AcharyaGovindram Hasanand Hindi
 2 Silpa Prakasa by Ramacandra Mahapatra Kaula Bhattaraka DAS, RAJENDRA PRASAD Motilal Banarasidas English
 Silparantnakosa of Sthapaka Niranjana Mahapatra DAS, RAJENDRA PRASAD Motilal Banarasidas English
 3THE KAUTILIYA ARTHASASTRA  R.P. Kangle Motilal Banarasidas English
 4 CHARAK SAMHITA (2 VOLS) Brahmanand Tripathi Govindram HasanandHindi 
 5CHARAK SAMHITA (4 VOLS)  P.V.Sharma Govindram Hasanand English
 6 SHUSHRUT SAMHITA (2 vols) Dr.Ambikadutt Shastri Govindram Hasanand Hindi 
 7SHUSHRUT SAMHITA (4 vols) K.R.Srikanth Govindram Hasanand English
 8KAUTILYA ARTHA SHASHTRA  Udaiveer Shashtri Govindram HasanandHindi 


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