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Some Points to Remember in your Spiritual Memories

This Bells are to to Wake you up....

Some Points To Remember...
  • 'To be humble is to be on the first leg of the journey to purity. The humble has yet to be on the first leg of the journey to purity. The humble has yet to be pure. He is on the way to it. One cannot be pure without being humble, because there is no greater impurity than ego'.
  • 'We have to look at Krishna in two different ways, and then we can look at ourselves the same way. We exist at two levels - one at the level of waves and another at the level of the ocean. As waves we are individual human beings and as the ocean we are the supreme being'.
  • 'The power of our unconscious mind is enormous; what we cannot do in our conscious state we can do with the help of the unconscious mind more sensible than the conscious.'
  • 'Let someone dance and let him bring all his energy to it , and soon he will find there is someone inside him who is not dancing , who is utterly steady and still. That is his axle , his centre. That which is dancing is his circumference, his body and he himself is the centre.'
  • 'PHILOSOPHY is a disease, and not an ordinary one either. It's not a common cold. It is cancer- Cancer of the soul. Once a person is lost in the jungle of philosophy he becomes more and more entangled in words, concepts, abstractions and there is no end to it. One can go on and on for lives together.'
  • 'TRUTH happens in a state of not knowing, truth happens in innocence. Truth happens where there are no clouds of thoughts moving in your consciousness, when sky is absolutely clear, when there is no abstraction, when you have no idea and God is or God is not. When you don't believe in no-God, when you are simply in a state of not knowing. You don't claim any knowledge, that non-claiming consciousness begins to open up. All knowledge burdens and closes you.'
  • BUDDHA did not teach anything to believe in. He was not a teacher in that sense, because he did not teach. He was, on the contrary, an anti teacher, he took away all the teachings that people were carrying. Slowly, he helped his disciples to become nude, naked.'
  • 'TRUTH is simple. Very simple-so simple that a child can understand it. In fact, so simple that only a child can understand it. Unless you become a child again you will not be able to understand it. It is an experience, not speculation.'
  • 'LOVE deeply, love without jealousy, love blissfully and help each other to be more meditative. Because what else can we do and what can we share? Man is born naked without anything. Love should be the beginning of sharing something. Your love becomes a spiritual phenomenon.'
  • 'WHEN you love a person all fear disappears. And when you are afraid all love disappears.'
  • 'WHEN you love, you have to become nobody. If you remain somebody, then love never happens. When you love a person - even for a single moment love happens and flows between two persons- There are two nothingness, not two persons. If you have ever had any experience of love, you can understand it.'
  • ‘WHEN two lovers are making love, and if they are both no-selves, nothingness, then a spontaneous pleasurable sensation happens. Then their body energy, their whole being, loses all identity; they are no more themselves - they have fallen into abyss. But this can happen only for a moment: again they regain, again they start clinging. That's why people become afraid in love.'
  • 'ONE becomes scared of love, then people remain satisfied with bodily love and they believe this to be love in its entirity.'
  • 'WHEN you want to love God, you have to be without mask. You have to drop all deceptions. You have to be authentically whatsoever you are; to be choiceless, whatsoever you are. In that primal innocence, God descends.'
  • 'GOD is just a name of the totality of existence.'
  • 'GOD chooses first, then you start feeling a hunger for him...men can not choose God, it is God who chooses man.'
  • 'DEATH is a door to God. Those who knows how to die know how to enter into God. Clingers clinging to life never know what God is.'
  • 'WHENEVER you meditate and you come upon beautiful spaces, immediately pray to existence: ' Let my joy be showered over every being - conscious, unconscious. I don't want any personal claim over it.'
  • 'WHEN you pray purify your intelligence and it becomes your wisdom. Purify yourself completely and you become one with whole. And to be on with the whole is the ultimate benediction, the blissfulness, the experience for which thousands of people have been searching down the ages on wrong paths. This world has to be loved, this world has to be respected, this world has to be your temple, your mosque your church. This world has to be your gratefulness, your gratitude. Enlightenment is not something of another world. Enlightenment happens now and here.'
  • 'WHAT is a prayer? Prayer is sending blessing to all. Prayer is sending your compassion to all. Prayer is creating an antidote of negative thoughts - it is positively.'
  • 'FAITH is not belief, it is love. Faith is not belief it is not half, it is total. Faith is not belief because there is no doubt in it, so how can you believe?'
  • ' FAITH is not rationalization at all: neither for nor against, neither this nor that. Faith is a trusting, a love.'
  • ' HEART doesn't know what doubt is, heart doesn't know what BELIEVE is- heart simply knows trust. Heart is like a small child; the small child clings to the father's hand, and wherever the father is going the child is going, neither trusting nor doubting. The child is undivided. Doubt is half, belief is half. A child is still total. Whole.'
  • 'RELIGION is just like an oasis; the desert is vast, and sometimes in tiny parts of the desert an oasis appears. And while it lasts, seek it, and while it is there, drink of it- and it is very very rare.'

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