The Game of Reincarnation

The Game of Renicarnation


There is the 'GAME' in which we are all involved in this Material World, it covers a whole spectrum of our repeated births and deaths. This game once started must continue up to the end, no excuse, no escape from this trap, all must be done and fulfilled, all must be passed and achieved on each level of that game, all tests, all obstacles must be realized. And more we recognize it and start to cooperate with the creator of that Cosmic Game, God Himself, more we will see the effects of our progress in that play. It is neither easy to discern it, nor is it possible to cheat on that Game, all bad is detected and punished, all good is rewarded up to the point of complete balance between 'bhoga' - 'tyaga' or between hanker and rejection.

This is the global vision of the situation we are in, but let us talk about the details.
Everyone who has birth must die, this truth is standing behind us from the beginning of our lives, we are born to die. And until we would not end our process of self-realization the next birth is unavoidable.

We do not know when we started this cycle and we do not know either when this will end.
Our future destination depends on many factors and is very complex. But the main cause of our entanglement in this reincarnation is our DESIRE and ATTACHMENT to it, desire means future attachment and attachment means previous, precluded desire. Until one will be able to recognize this mutual relationship between that two factors in one's own life and start to work on them up to full realization there will be no way to escape from this cycle of birth and death.

Desire comes whenever one wants something, whatever it is, and therefore it is good to ask oneself: Do I need something? or Do I want something? If I need that it is Ok, but if I WANT that means we are failing the test of the Game crossing the quota or part designated, reserved to us, in this way 'stilling', taking away someone else's part in this World, and this means also that someone else would need it and would not get it. This crossing the line is our disqualification in that Game and then also a strong Attachment to that 'Desire' or 'Want' is coming and next the greed and so one, the chain of disaster for our future.

The next question is What to do with that desires and attachments?
First one must set up his goal, what he wants to do with his life, this is the main point and DIRECTION TO THE RIGHT PATH, and the best solution is to start the process of self realization on the basic of religious scriptures like the Vedas which can tell us about God and how to find the way to Him and come back to Godhead, which means no more birth, and is the only way to achieve that goal.

The second step after that decision is to start actual PROCESS OF SELF REALIZATION and again the most effective method is Chanting of the Holly Names: HARE KRSNA HARE KRSNA KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE HARE RAMA HARE RAMA RAMA RAMA HARE HARE under the guidance of an expert, Spiritual Master or Guru who is able to detect our 'Desire' or 'Want' and 'Aversion', and deal with it to balance us on the path of self-realization.

This process is very easy to follow and brings quick effect.

Gradually one is going through the particular stages of the Yoga Ladder to finally achieve the end of it. Reward is guaranteed when GAME IS OVER,.. . eternal life,... and come back home back to Godhead.

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