Why do Hindu Womens Wearing Silk Clothes is preferred for doing Pooja?

Hindu Womens Wearing
Silk clothes have the capacity to attract and store electro magnetic energy. With the friction between the body and the silk clothes, electric energy is produced, which gives rise to electro static attraction.This energy, according to shastras, would act on the mind of the devotee. It is also said that the vibrations, which are generated while worshipping, are also stored by wearing the silk clothes. The external clothing, which prevents the loss of these vibrations, would work on the mind to sustain the much needed concentration. It is also said that any worship, without concentration is useless.

Hence All over India, silk clothes are preferred during Poojas, be it a Maharashtrian lady in Ganesh Puja, or a Bengali lady in Durga Pooja or a Gujarati lady in Laxmi Pooja during Diwali and so on!!!

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