Science and longevity Secret to a long life

Science and longevity Secret to a long life
We all want to live a long and healthy life. Some people live for a century and some die young. Some people say that how long we live absolutely depends on our horoscope. Some of us are blessed with a long life and some are not. For years science and medicine have been trying hard to find out what keeps a person alive for a long time. So far we have not got any convincing answer.

Different theories
Many theories have been put forward by people. Some say that women tend to live long. Some say that people who live a disciplined life live longer. Some give credit to regular exercise for long life. Some say that those who have better sleep tend to live longer. Diet is another factor that is often considered responsible for long life. People who eat healthy and more of green vegetables have a longer life. The subject of these studies is people who have successfully completed 100 years.

The Vedas
As per the Vedas which is considered to be the most ancient text in Hinduism. The age of a person is divided into four parts.
  • Each part consists of 25 years.
  • In the first 25 years, a person is supposed to study and make himself capable of serving society.
  • In the second 25 years, a person is expected to get married and have children.
  • In the third twenty-five years, the person should pay more attention to god and practice puja.
  • In the last 25 years, the person must leave his house and go to an Ashram.
  • This concept suggests that in ancient Hinduism it was considered natural for a person to live for 100 years until and unless he or she meets with an accident or suffers from a fatal disease.
Science and longevity
Many people feel that as medical science has made a lot of progress people tend to live longer. This is however not correct. In the olden days, the people used to live a longer life than they do today on an average basis.  This was mainly because people were not stressed by the workload.

They would spend more time exercising and in physical activities. Even meditation and yoga was a common household practice all these factors combined together to ensure that the people in the olden times lived longer. This is definitely true that many people died young as medical science was not very developed and there was no treatment for even simple diseases like jaundice.

The story of Jessie Gallen
In this article, we will pick up the example of a woman who has lived for 109 years. Her name is Jessie Gallen. When people asked her how she managed to live for so long her answer was simple. She said that she would have a bowl of porridge daily and that was the secret to her long life.

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Apart from that, she feels she lived a long life because she avoided men. When she was a young woman she decided that she will not have any romantic association with a man. She feels that having a man in your life actually adds to more problems and stress. This is why women who are in a marriage cannot live a long life.

The story of Jessie GallenWhen you do not have a man in your life you can concentrate more on your wellbeing. You also do
not have a family to constantly think about. Women who have a family and at the same time are working are living under a lot of stress. They with time develop blood pressure and other lifestyle diseases as they do not have time for themselves and feel much stressed.

Jessie Gallen saw the women in her family and her friends and decided that she will not get any man into her life. She did meet a lot of men and some of them were really interested in getting married to her but she was clear in her mind.

Jessie Gallen says she worked very hard all her life and hardly took leaves. She managed to do all the things at home too that are mostly meant for the men to do. Jessie Gallen is from Scotland and not many women there prefer to live without a family but she decided to take the path less traveled and she absolutely has no regrets about her decision.

She lives in an old age home now and is always smiling and laughing. She still walks around the old age home with her walker. She has a very positive spirit. She is always laughing and having a good time with her friends in the old age home. She attends weekly exercise classes and lives on a healthy diet.

Even today her day starts with a bowl of porridge. Jessie Gallen never got married and spent most of her life taking care of the farm that she was born in.

Apart from Jessie Gallen many women who have successfully completed 100 years claim that they have lived the life of a single woman and they never thought the need to have a man in their lives. This actually makes us wonder if staying single has something to do with long life?

There is no scientific theory that can support this but when we look at these single women who have lived over 100 years it does make us wonder. It is also true that most of the people who have lived over 100 years are women. Only very few men have lived for more than 100 years.

Even this is a strange statistics here. Why do women tend to live longer and even more mind-boggling is the fact that why women who have remained single for most of their lived tend to live for more than 100 years. All these women also claim that staying away from men and practicing celibacy has actually helped them to live longer.

Perhaps when you are in a relationship especially women you tend to give all that you have to the relationship and as a result, you start to neglect your own health and happiness. This might lead to mental and physical problems in women that reduce the years they live. However, women who live single and do not get married have very little things to worry about as a result they tend to live longer.

Although these women say that they preferred to stay single as a result they have lived a long life. The question remains is it possible for all women to stay single? The answer is definitely no. Many women would want to have a family and have children to feel complete.

Moreover, if you do not get married then with age you will tend to get lonely. The women who decide to stay single are those who have a very strong mind and willpower. It is not easy for all women to take this path. The women like Jessie Gallen have proved that a woman can be really strong and she does not need a man to fall back on all the time.

If a woman wants she can manage her life all by her own and live a happy life. You do not need a man or anything else to be happy.  Jessie Gallen does accept the fact that staying happy is integral to a long life. To stay happy you have to be happy from within. No matter what happens around you that should not affect the happiness within you.

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