Hindu community celebrates major occasion in Ballarat City Australia

Hindu community celebrates major occasion in Ballarat City Australia
A burgeoning Hindu community gathered to celebrate culture, religion and heritage in Ballarat on Saturday night.

Dancing, clay pot smashing and Indian food and dress were all on show as more than 175 people packed into the Victorian Railways Institute Hall.

The event celebrated the Janmanashtami, which is the birth of the Hindu god Krishna, while also giving children the chance to experience Indian culture.

Families from Nepal and Australia also attended.

Ballarat Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre president Vani Peddi said the holy occasion brought together people to celebrate unity and faith.

“It is one of the biggest events and mainly celebrated in the month of August every year,” she said.

“It signifies unity and faith, but the celebration is also for the kids.

“They break the clay pot and celebrate with singing and chanting.”

The Ballarat Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre members are looking to find a permanent home and build themselves a temple in the municipality.

It means the group is now on a fundraising drive to get the temple built.

Ms Peddi said it was important for the community to maintain its ties with its Hindu heritage.

“Many people commented that they felt they were back home, they were so happy and the kids enjoyed it as well,” she said.

“This event is brings the culture to light again because we are far away from India.

“We don't want our culture to disappear, we want to impart the values into the younger generation and the importance of the festival.”

A new temple would also help them educate other people in the community about Hindu culture.

Ms Peddi said anyone was welcome to be involved.

“We can educate the people about the languages, meditation and yoga, which we are going to be doing in the future,” she said.

“This is not just for the Hindu community, anyone is welcome.”

To donate or inquire about sponsorship email ballarathindutemple@gmail.com.

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