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108 Names Of Lord Shiva

W hoever chants these 108 auspicious Names of Lord Shiva, will be blessed by the Lord. This Shiva-Stotra is capable of removing all sins....

108 Names Of Lord Shiva
Whoever chants these 108 auspicious Names of Lord Shiva, will be blessed by the Lord. This Shiva-Stotra is capable of removing all sins. May the lord of all beings become greatly pleased with anyone who has learnt this by heart and/or reads or recalls these names with single-mindedness!

108 Names Of God-Lord Shiva-Shiva Ashtothra Namavali-Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali And Its Meaning:

NoShiva MantraEnglish NameMeaning
1.Om Shivaya Namaha ShivaAlways Pure
2.Om Maheshvaraya Namaha MaheshwaraLord Of Gods
3.Om Shambhave Namaha ShambhuOne Who Bestows Prosperity
4.Om Pinakine Namaha PinakinOne Who Has A Bow In His Hand
5.Om Shashishekharaya Namaha Shashi shekharaThe God Who Wears The Crescent Moon In His Hair
6.Om Vamadevaya Namaha VamadevaThe God Who Is Pleasing And Auspicious In Every Way
7.Om Virupakshaya Namaha VirupakshaLord Shiva With Oblique Eyes
8.Om Kapardine Namaha KapardiThe Lord With Thickly Matted Hair
9.Om Nilalohitaya Namaha NilalohitaThe One With Red And Blue Colour
10.Om Shankaraya Namaha ShankaraOne Who Gives Happiness And prosperity
11.Om Shulapanaye Namaha ShulapaniThe One Who Carries A Trident
12.Om Khatvangine Namaha KhatvangiThe God Who Carries A Knurled Club (Khatvanga)
13.Om Vishnuvallabhaya Namaha VishnuvallabhaThe One Who Is Dear To Lord Vishnu
14.Om Shipivishtaya Namaha ShipivishtaThe Lord Whose Form Emits Great Rays Of Light
15.Om Ambikanathaya Namaha AmbikanathaConsort of Ambika (Parvati)
16.Om Shrikantaya Namaha ShrikanthaOf Glorious Neck
17.Om Bhaktavatsalaya Namaha BhaktavatsalaThe One Who Is Favourably Inclined Towards His Devotees
18.Om Bhavaya Namaha BhavaThe God Who Is Existence Itself
19.Om Sarvaya Namaha SharvaRemover Of All Troubles
20.Om Trilokeshaya Namaha TrilokeshaThe Lord Of All The Three Worlds
21.Om Shitakanthaya Namaha ShitikanthaThe Lord Who Has White Neck
22.Om Shivapriyaya Namaha ShivapriyaBeloved Of Parvati
23.Om Ugraya Namaha UgraThe One Who Has Extremely Fierce Nature
24.Om Kapaline Namaha KapaliOne Who Wears A Necklace Of Skulls
25.Om Kamaraye Namaha KamariEnemy of Kamadeva
26.Om Andhakasura Sudanaya Namaha Andhakasura SudanaThe Lord Who Killed The Asura Andhaka
27.Om Gangadharaya Namaha GangadharaThe God Who Holds The Ganges River In His Hair
28.Om Lalatakshaya Namaha LalatakshaOne Who Has An Eye In The Forehead
29.Om Kalakalaya Namaha KalakalaHe Is The Death Of Death
30.Om Kripanidhaye Namaha KripanidhiThe God Who Is The Treasure Of Compassion
31.Om Bhimaya Namaha BheemaThe One Who Has Fearful Form
32.Om Parashu Hastaya Namaha ParshuhastaThe God Who Holds Axe In Hands
33.Om Mrigapanayae Namaha MrigpaaniThe God Who Possess Deer In Hands
34.Om Jatadharaya Namaha JattadharThe God Who Keeps Tress (Jata)
35.Om Kailasavasine Namaha KailashavasiNative Of Kailasha
36.Om Kavachine Namaha KawachiThe God Who Possess Armour
37.Om Kathoraya Namaha KathorThe God Who Has A Strong Body
38.Om Tripurantakaya Namaha TripurantakThe God Who Killed Tripurasura
39.Om Vrishankaya Namaha VrishankaThe God Who Has A Flag With A Symbol Of Bull
40.Om Vrishabharudhaya Namaha VrishbharudhThe One Who Rides Bull
41.Om Bhasmoddhulita Vigrahaya NamahaBhasmodhulitavigrahThe One Who Applies Ashes All Over The Body
42.Om Samapriyaya Namaha SamapriyaThe One Who Loves With Equality
43.Om Svaramayaya Namaha SwaramayiThe God Who Lives In All Seven Notes
44.Om Trayimurtaye Namaha TrayimurtiThe One Who Possess Veda Form
45.Om Anishvaraya Namaha AnishvaraThe One Who Does Not Have Any Lord
46.Om Sarvagyaya Namaha SarvagyaThe One Who Knows Everything
47.Om Paramatmane Namaha ParamatmaEveryone’s Own Soul
48.Om Somasuragni Lochanaya Namaha SomasuryaagnilochanaThe One Who Has Eyes In The Form Of Sun, Moon And Fire
49.Om Havishe Namaha HaviHe Who Is Wealthy In The Form Of Ahuti
50.Om Yagyamayaya Namaha YagyamayaThe Architect Of All Sacrificial Rites
51.Om Somaya Namaha SomaThe One Who Includes The Form Of Uma
52.Om Panchavaktraya Namaha PanchavaktraGod Of The Five Activities
53.Om Sadashivaya Namaha SadashivaThe One Who Is Eternally Auspicious
54.Om Vishveshvaraya Namaha VishveshwaraLord Of The Universe
55.Om Virabhadraya Namaha VeerabhadraWho Is Violent , Yet Peaceful
56.Om Gananathaya Namaha GananathaGod Of The Ganas
57.Om Prajapataye Namaha PrajapatiThe One Who Is The Creator Of Dynasty
58.Om Hiranyaretase Namaha HiranyaretaThe One Who Emanates Golden Souls
59.Om Durdharshaya Namaha DurdharshaThe One who Is Unconquerable
60.Om Girishaya Namaha GirishaLord Of Mountains
61.Om Girishaya Namaha GirishaThe God Who Sleeps On Kailash Mountain
62.Om Anaghaya Namaha AnaghaHe Who Is Pure
63.Om Bujangabhushanaya Namaha BujangabhushanaLord Adorned With Golden Snakes
64.Om Bhargaya Namaha BhargaLord Who Ends All Sins
65.Om Giridhanvane Namaha GiridhanvaGod Whose Weapon Is A Mountain
66.Om Giripriyaya Namaha GiripriyaLord Who Is Fond Of Mountains
67.Om Krittivasase Namaha krittivasaaGod Who Wears Clothes Of Elephant Skin
68.Om Purarataye Namaha PuraratiDestroyer OF Town Or “Pur” Named Enemy
69.Om Bhagavate Namaha BhagwaanGod Of Prosperity
70.Om Pramathadhipaya Namaha PramathadhipaGod Who Is Served By Goblins
71.Om Mritunjayaya Namaha MrityunjayaVictor Of Death
72.Om Sukshmatanave Namaha SukshamatanuGod Who Has A Subtle Body
73.Om Jagadvyapine Namaha JagadvyapiGod Who Lives In The World
74.Om Jagadgurave Namaha JagadguruGuru Of All The Worlds
75.Om Vyomakeshaya Namaha VyomakeshaWhose Hair Spreads In The Sky
76.Om Mahasenajanakaya Namaha MahasenajanakaFather Of Kartikya
77.Om Charuvikramaya Namaha CharuvikramaThe Guardian Of Wandering Pilgrims
78.Om Rudraya Namaha RudraThe One Who Gets Sad By The Pain Of Devotees
79.Om Bhutapataye Namaha BhootapatiLord Of Panchabhoota Or Bhootapreta
80.Om Sthanave Namaha SthanuFirm And Immovable Deity
81.Om Ahirbudhnyaya Namaha AhirbhudhanyaThe One Who Possess Kundalini
82.Om Digambaraya Namaha DigambaraThe God Whose Robes Is The Cosmos
83.Om Ashtamurtaye Namaha AshtamurtiLord Who Has Eight Forms
84.Om Anekatmane Namaha AnekatmaThe God Who Possess Many Forms
85.Om Satvikaya Namaha SatvikaLord Of Boundless Energy
86.Om Shuddha Vigrahaya Namaha ShuddhavigrahaLord Of Pure Soul
87.Om Shashvataya Namaha ShashvataLord Who Is Eternal And Endless
88.Om Khandaparashave Namaha KhandaparshuLord Who Wears Broken Axe
89.Om Ajaya Namaha AjaThe One Who Is Boundless
90.Om Papavimochakaya Namaha PashvimochanaLord Who Releases All Fetters
91.Om Mridaya Namaha MridaThe Lord Who Shows Only Mercy
92.Om Pashupataye Namaha PashupatiLord Of Animals
93.Om Devaya Namaha DevaLord Of Devas
94.Om Mahadevaya Namaha MahadevaGreatest Of The Gods
95.Om Avyayaya Namaha AvayayaThe One Who Never Subject To Change
96.Om Haraye Namaha HariSame As Lord Vishnu
97.Om Pashudantabhide Namaha BhagnetrabhidThe Lord Who Damaged Bhaga’s Eye
98.Om Avyagraya Namaha AvayayatShiva Who Is Unseen
99.Om Dakshadhvaraharaya Namaha DakshadhwaraharaDestroyer Of Daksha’s Conceited Sacrifice (Yagya)
100.Om Haraya Namaha HarThe Lord Who Dissolves All Bondage And Sins
101.Om Bhaganetrabhide Namaha PushadantabhitOne Who Punished Pushan
102.Om Avyaktaya Namaha AvyagraLord Who Is Steady And Unwavering
103.Om Sahasrakshaya Namaha SahsrakshaOne Who Has Limitless Forms
104.Om Sahasrapade Namaha SahasrapadaThe Lord Who Is Standing And Walking Everywhere
105.Om Apavargapradaya Namaha ApavargapradaLord Who Gives And Takes All Things
106.Om Anantaya Namaha AnantaThe One Who Is unending
107.Om Tarakaya Namaha TarakaThe Lord Who Is Great Liberator Of Mankind
108.Om Parameshvaraya Namaha ParameshwaraThe Great God

108 Names Of God-Lord Shiva:

S NoLord Shiva NameMeaning
1AashutoshOne who fulfills wishes instantly
3AkshayagunaGod with limitless attributes
4AnaghaWithout any fault
5AnantadrishtiOf infinite vision
6AugadhOne who revels all the time
7AvyayaprabhuImperishable Lord
8BhairavLord of terror
9BhalanetraOne who has an eye in the forehead
10BholenathKind hearted Lord
11BhooteshwaraLord of ghosts and evil beings
12BhudevaLord of the earth
13BhutapalaProtector of the ghosts
14ChandrapalMaster of the moon
15ChandraprakashOne who has the moon as a crest
17DevadevaLord of the Lords
18DhanadeepaLord of Wealth
19DhyanadeepIcon of meditation and concentration
20DhyutidharaLord of Brilliance
21DigambaraOne who has the skies as his clothes
22DurjaneeyaDifficult to be known
24GangadharaLord of River Ganga
25GirijapatiConsort of Girija
26GunagrahinAcceptor of Gunas
27GurudevaMaster of All
28HaraRemover of Sins
29JagadishaMaster of the Universe
30JaradhishamanaRedeemer from Afflictions
31JatinOne who has matted hair
32KailasOne Who Bestows Peace
33KailashadhipatiLord of Mount Kailash
34KailashnathMaster of Mount Kailash
35KamalakshanaLotus-eyed Lord
37KapalinOne who wears a necklace of skulls
38KhatvanginOne who has the missile khatvangin in his hand
39KundalinOne who wears earrings
40LalatakshaOne who has an eye in the forehead
41LingadhyakshaLord of the Lingas
42LingarajaLord of the Lingas
43LokankaraCreator of the Three Worlds
44LokapalOne who takes care of the world
45MahabuddhiExtremely intelligent
46MahadevaGreatest God
47MahakalaLord of All Times
48MahamayaOf great illusions
49MahamrityunjayaGreat victor of death
50MahanidhiGreat storehouse
51MahashaktimayaOne who has boundless energies
52MahayogiGreatest of all Gods
53MaheshaSupreme Lord
54MaheshwaraLord of Gods
55NagabhushanaOne who has serpents as ornaments
56NatarajaKing of the art of dancing
57NilakanthaThe one with a blue throat
58NityasundaraEver beautiful
59NrityapriyaLover of Dance
60OmkaraCreator of OM
61PalanhaarOne who protects everyone
62Parameshwara First among all godsFirst among all gods
63ParamjyotiGreatest splendor
64PashupatiLord of all living beings
65PinakinOne who has a bow in his hand
66PranavaOriginator of the syllable of OM
67PriyabhaktaFavorite of the devotees
68PriyadarshanaOf loving vision
69PushkaraOne who gives nourishment
70PushpalochanaOne who has eyes like flowers
71RavilochanaHaving sun as the eye
72RudraThe terrible
73RudrakshaOne who has eyes like Rudra
74SadashivaEternal God
75SanatanaEternal Lord
76SarvacharyaPreceptor of All
77SarvashivaAlways Pure
78SarvatapanaScorcher of All
79SarvayoniSource of Everything
80SarveshwaraLord of All Gods
81ShambhuAbode of Joy
82ShankaraGiver of Joy
83ShivaAlways Pure
84ShoolinOne who has a trident
85ShrikanthaOf glorious neck
86ShrutiprakashaIlluminator of the Vedas
87ShuddhavigrahaOne who has a pure body
88SkandaguruPreceptor of Skanda
89SomeshwaraLord of All Gods
90SukhadaBestower of happiness
91SupritaWell pleased
92SuraganaHaving Gods as attendants
93SureshwaraLord of All Gods
95TejaswaniOne who spreads illumination
96TrilochanaThree-Eyed Lord
97TrilokpatiMaster of all the Three Worlds
98TripurariEnemy of Tripura
99TrishoolinOne who has a trident in his hands
100UmapatiConsort of Uma
101VachaspatiLord of Speech
102VajrahastaOne who has a thunderbolt in his hands
103VaradaGranter of Boons
104VedakartaOriginator of the Vedas
105VeerabhadraSupreme Lord of the Nether World
106VishalakshaWide-eyed Lord
107VishveshwaraLord of the Universe
108VrishavahanaOne who has bull as his vehicle

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