Life Mistakes and Spirituality

In order to have escort of life with happiness and effective spirituality practice it is necessary to destroy the behavioral defects of a person and can be absorb or assimilate with good qualities. Defected character is the main obstacle in attaining or experiencing happiness or pleasure in the life of human being.

Did you noticed how you feel when you have committed any incorrect action or we can say a Mistakes – may be a reply towards a loved one, missing on a target, forceful lie, desire something or judge someone?

The first thumb rule on the spiritual path way is to stop Self blaming. That doesn’t mean that you defend all the mistakes you done. It is not the way to justify your mistakes but identify them and at the same time, not blame yourself.  Mistake and Spirituality

Becoming responsible for ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions, we will make humanity as spiritual beings on a human passage.

If you do not admit and recognize the mistakes you have done, no improvement will happens. If you recognize your mistakes and feel guilty for that, and blaming yourself, then also, you will not improve. So, you have to very dedicated sense of balance. Walk on the razor’s edge, neither this nor that side.

The ancient scriptures say that our mind is responsible for both binding and eventual release [Salvation] from Birth-Cycle, death or Happiness-Sadness. The Defected character of a person is responsible for Sadness, whereas good qualities are associated with happiness and satisfaction.
Defected personality of individual is also main obstacle in attaining the Salvation, or in spiritual practice. Having added in personality defects, leads to more mistakes in human being towards spiritual practice and that take away from the God. Hence, to stay away from this, it is crucial to eliminate personality defects.

What is personality?
When we perform any action, in our sub-conscious mind if repeatedly same impressions or cause of Actions are developing, they are known as “Personality”. Simply nature of human being can be defined as Personality. If it happens so often, that can be classified as Qualities or Defects.

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Personality Qualities V/s Defects

Normally, good habits are known as personality qualities, whereas bad habits are called as personality defects. Owing to a certain personality features, that individual or another person also suffers as a result of his actions.

Actions and reactions
Actions and reactions are reliant on our imitation and or habits of our mind. In response to offensive actions and reactions, either way we can face or give the problems to others. Thus, one should always cautious about own actions and reactions constantly.
  • Remove personality defects using spiritual practice 
  • Removing defects from the personality are essential one or otherwise they will become barrier in spiritual growth.
We all are well aware of a drop of “Ghee” cannot combine entirely in water. Because they are have a different characteristic with each other.  Thus to achieve the apex Spiritual growth, that is realization of God or merging with God, we need to eradicate all our personality defects, because God has no defects.

Even if we are not intend to have a high spiritual aim, i.e. up to realization of God and just to avoid ill-effects of substantial, emotional, social and spiritual level, that can also requires removal of personality defects to some extent which further leads to fulfilling life

Removal of some defects also makes our personality and the atmosphere around us more helpful to our spiritual practice.

By: +Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary 

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