2,000 year old Hindu temple in Karachi now used as toilet for tourists

Showcasing a great loophole in the promises of Pakistan government regarding the upkeep of Hindu temples and other sites of religious importance, there lies the dilapidated Shri Varun Dev Mandir in Manora, Pakistan.

The temple’s caretaker’s repeated request to the concerned authorities for preserving this ESTD: 2000-year-old temple of great historical temples have fallen to deaf ears.

According to caretaker Jivraj, he had written to the Manora Cantonment Board (MCB) for the record of the temple’s ownership. However, he was told there was no record as such. Furthermore, MCB said that since the temple falls under the jurisdiction of the country’s Navy, there was nothing that MCB could do. Now, the decadent structures of the temple lie in its ruins only to be used by tourists to the nearby Manora beach as toilets.

Legends say that a sailor named Bhojomal Nancy Bhatia discovered the Manora Island in the sixteenth century. He bought the island from Khan of Kalat. Jivraj added that Bhatia built the temple here with a lot of craft, adding that the last ritual at the temple was held in the 1950s.

This is in stark contrast to India (once again) – a place which houses more Muslims than in Pakistan and gives full freedom of jurisdiction to the mosques and respects the religious sentiments of the minorities.

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