Swastika Symbol? Is legitimate this Hindu religion symbol or Nazis

The swastika symbol originated from the Vedic Hindu Arya people of India. Swastika or svastika is a Sanskrit word meaning “emblem of well-being”. It’s a sacred sign of the sun, earth and the universe in a dynamic rotation. It also symbolizes karma and activity in harmony with the whirling cosmos and, most importantly, the energy of the Brahman, which flows through the universe in the eight directions as stated in the Vedas.
The emblem of the swastika was discovered at the Harrapan site in what was termed as the “Ravi Phase” dating around 3,300 to 2,800BCE. The seal of the emblem represents the Indian race and it was this seal, among others, that contributed to the demise of the invasion theories.
According to historian Paul Roland in his book The Nazis And The Occult, the symbol was appropriated as a symbol of German nationalism. It was soon used on stained glass windows in a Viennese church.

How did it end up being used by the Nazis? According to Roland: “The swastika is thought to have first caught Hitler’s eye as a boy when he attended school at Lambach, Austria in 1897. Each day he had to pass through the archway of the Benedictine monastery which bore the order’s coat of arms featuring a swastika. Twenty-three years later, when he was searching for a symbol for the party flag, he seized on the swastika which was central to a design drawn by dentist Friedrich Krohn, a member of the German Order and its offshoot, the Thule Society. It featured a black swastika on a white circle within a red field – the white symbolizing national unity and the red representing the blood shed for the cause (although the official line was that the red represented the party’s socialist aspirations). Krohn’s swastika spun clockwise which Hitler insisted be reversed.”

Was the swastika used in the kavadi of the Vedic order (clockwise) or the Nazi emblem, being forced to the left (counter-clockwise)?

If the Vedic tantric designs were examined carefully, one would discover that the Nazi swastika, being forked to the left, is also Vedic in nature. In this aspect, the clockwise swastika represents the forces of the light side (Devas) and the counterclockwise, the dark side (Danavs).

Unless it is proven that the swastika was used to glorify certain aspects of the ideology of the Third Reich, its usage by any Indian Hindu is a legitimate cultural and religious symbol that cannot be equated with aggression, violence and hatred. It is a sacred symbol of the Children of Arya which is the Indian Hindu race and their civilization.

By: +Prof: Koti Madhav Balu Chowdary

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