The Spiritual Realm of Supreme Lord

Spiritual Realm of Supreme Lord
With its cyclical notion of time, Hinduism teaches that the material world is created not once but repeatedly, time and time again. Additionally, this universe is considered to be one of many, all enclosed "like innumerable bubbles floating in space." Within this universe, there are three main regions: the heavenly planets, the earthly realm, and the lower worlds. Scripture goes into some detail as to the nature of these regions and their respective inhabitants.

Hinduism is therefore not predominantly earth-centred and puts much emphasis on other "planes of existence" – various material abodes and the spiritual realm itself. This is reflected in Hindu stories and specifically through the concept of Lila (divine pastime).These lilacs take place in the spiritual world and are replicated at sacred locations on earth.

There is no one simple account of creation, and there are many detailed and inter-related stories. Central is the narration of the sacrifice of the primal being (Purusha), found in the Rig Veda. On the metaphysical level, the universe is created from the sound (vak). Sound corresponds to either, the subtlest of the five material elements. According to such Sankhya philosophy, the elements develop progressively from subtle to gross.

The atman, more subtle than any matter, generates his own successive material bodies.This world and its creatures are here to facilitate the soul's self-centred desires, and ultimately to enable his return to the spiritual world.

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