Mantras Cure For Skin Disease

Skin disease is irksome and embarrassing as it is visible.
  • There are Mantras to cure this.
  • Recite any of the following Mantras 108 times a day in the morning.
  • Begin on an Shukla Paksha (waxing of the Moon) in any of the following Thithis,in the order of priority.
  • From the New Moon
  • Shashti,Sixth day.
  • Chaturthi,Fourth Day.
  • Panchami, Fifth Day and
  • Sapthami, the Seventh day..
  • Naivedya, Dry-fruits/Honey.
  • On the concluding day feed the poor, this depends on your budget.
  • Also you may visit Vaitheeswaran Koil,near Mayuram, Tamil Nadu and Vaidya Veeraraghava Swami, Thiruvallur near Chennai.
  • You ma take the prasad, clay from the theertha ..Perform archana for Angaraka at Vaitheeswaran Koil.
  • You ma visit Raahu Sthalam at Thirunageswaram, near Kumbakonam and perform archana for Raahu.
In addition to any of the following Mantras you choose you may recite Raahu Gayatri 108 times a day for 45 days.

Rahu Gayatri Mantra

Om Nagadwajaya Vidmahe
Padma Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Rahu Prachodayath

शिवशक्तिः कामः क्षितिरथ रविश्शीतकिरणः
स्मरो हंसश्शक्रस्तदनु च परामारहरयः।
अमी हृल्लेखाभिस्तिसृभिरवसानेषु घटिताः
भजन्ते वर्णास्ते तव जननि नामावयवताम्॥  Soundaryalahari Sloka 32

śivaśaktiḥ kāmaḥ kṣitiratha raviśśītakiraṇaḥ
smaro haṁsaśśakrastadanu ca parāmāraharayaḥ |
amī hṛllekhābhistisṛbhiravasāneṣu ghaṭitāḥ
bhajante varṇāste tava janani nāmāvayavatām ||

She who is mother of us all,
The seed letter “ka” of my lord Shiva,
The seed letter “a” of goddess Shakthi,
The seed letter “ee” of the god of love,
The seed letter “la” of earth,
The seed letter “ha” of the sun god,
The seed letter “sa” of the moon with cool rays,
The seed letter “ka” of again the god of love,
The seed letter ”ha” of the sky,
The seed letter “la” of Indra , the king of devas,
The seed letter “sa” of Para,
The seed letter “ka” of the God of love,
The seed letter “la” of the Lord Vishnu,
Along with your seed letters “Hrim”,
Which joins at the end of each of the three holy wheels,
Become the holy word to worship you.

अपस्मारकुष्टक्षयार्शः प्रमेह_
ज्वरोन्मादगुल्मादिरोगा महान्तः ।
पिशाचाश्च सर्वे भवत्पत्रभूतिं
विलोक्य क्षणात्तारकारे द्रवन्ते ॥२५॥
Apasmaara-Kusstta-Kssaya-Arshah Prameha_
Jvaro[a-U]nmaada-Gulma-Adi-Rogaa Mahaantah |
Pishaacaash-Ca Sarve Bhavat-Patra-Bhuutim
Vilokya Kssannaat-Taaraka-Are Dravante ||25|| Subrahmanya Bhujanga

25.1: (Salutations to Sri Subramanya) Apasmara (Epilepsy), Kussttha (Leprosy), Kssaya (Consumption), Arsha (Piles),Prameha (Urinary diseases like Diabetes), …
25.2: … Jwara (Fever), Unmada (Madness, Insanity), Gulma (Enlargement of Spleen or other glands in the abdomen) and other formidable Diseases, …
25.3: … as also all types of Pisachas (Evil Spirits), … (when) in Your Bibhuti (Sacred Ash) contained in a Leaf, …
25.4: … sees You, Who is the Enemy of the formidable Taraka (i.e demon Tarakasura), they hasten to Run away Immediately.

Rahu Graha.

Skin Infection.
Skin Infection.
Rahu represents many ill aspects in general. Rahu is identified with Black Cobra, poison, Zircon, black magic, gambling, black gram, black stone, blade grass (Dhruva in Hindi) menial jobs, slavery, all sorts of skin ailments, venereal deceases, impotency, childlessness, jail/imprisonments etc etc. In short this planet mostly gives only negative results when it is ill placed in one’s horoscope.

If Rahu is placed in the fifth house from Lagna or Ascendant, then the native is most likely (he/she) childless and in some cases only female issues and surely no male child. If there is any conjunction with other planet, this result may, however, vary.

Likewise, if this planet is placed in the 6th house, the native is likely to suffer from skin ailments, skin burns, dryness, sore skin etc. That too when the Rahu Dasa is running; and if Rahu is transiting through the 6th house, then ill effects are sure to be there and critical too.

To weed off the negative aspects of this planet, there are many remedial suggestions given in the ancient astrology. One such suggestion is to consume the essence of the Blade Grass daily, about three to five tea spoonfuls, for a consecutive 48 days. This way one gets his/her blood purified and the skin ailment vanishes. This medicinal remedy is so powerful that I have seen people getting better after consuming it.

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