26 qualities of a holy person on the Vedas

holy person on the Vedas

26 qualities of a holy person on the Vedas

They are listed in the Bhagavad-gita:
1. fearlessness
2. The purity of consciousness
3. The development of spiritual knowledge (religion)
4. charity
5. composure
6. performing sacrifice
7. study of the Vedas
8. committing austerity
9. simplicity
10. nonviolence
11. truthfulness
12. The lack of anger
13. denial
14. tranquility (calmness)
15. The lack of desire to look for faults in others
16. compassion for all living beings
17. The absence of greed
18. gentleness (kindness)
19. The humility
20. The determination
21. The commitment
22. forgiveness
23. resistance
24. purity
25. The absence of envy
26. The lack of desire for honors (modesty)

Achieving perfection even one of these qualities make a person truly scientist. Those who attained enlightenment in all the 26, actually has the breadth of consciousness.

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