Ten Ayurvedic rules for eating right

1. Having your dinner before 8:00 has tremendous benefits!
Owing to today's lifestyle it has become normal to take late night dinners. Even those who have no
compulsion to delay their meal do not eat at the right time. This is doing harm to our bodies in many ways. It is said that there is a right time to do anything. It applies to our meal times too! Lets see..

2. Meal times according to ayurveda
According to Ayurveda, eating your food on the right time is very important to get maximum benefits. Wrong meal timings will bring ill effects to the body. "Jatharagni" is a Sanskrit term meaning "digestive fire". This digestive fire is responsible for the digestion of food that we eat. Strength of this fire varies according to the time of the day. This fire is strongest during the daytime and weakest during night. That is why Ayurveda recommends lunch to be largest meal of the day. Dinner must be light.

3. Harms of eating late
Many diseases have their roots in the stomach. It is mainly due to the improper digestion of food. Properly digested food is life giving otherwise it acts as a poison to the body. After sunset digestive fire declines. Weak digestive fire causes improper digestion of food.It causes problems like bloating, acid reflux etc. which are detrimental. More food gets stored as food reserves.This increases weight.

4. Benefits of having your dinner before 8:00
There are numerous physical and spiritual benefits of eating early. Let’s see some of them.
5. Good night sleep!
Eating late interferes with your sleep. You must have experienced it. This is mainly due to acid reflux. If you are habitual of sleeping within 2-3 hours after your dinner then you are highly susceptible to acid reflux. When you go down to sleep, it's much easier for digestive acid to spill out of your full stomach. This causes acid reflux. Acid reflux is very discomforting and causes harm to oesophagus. If you want to improve the quality of your sleep then start eating early. This will also help you wake up early in the morning with much more ease.

6. Avoid obesity
During sleep there is very less physical activity involved. Your metabolism slows down. So excess food is usually stored as fat reserve in the body. This enhances body weight. If you eat early then most of your food would have digested by the time you sleep. It would help you maintain your weight.

7. Improved concentration and energy
I think this is a great benefit of eating early. You must have found waking up next morning straining after a late night dinner. Your energy was low for the whole day. This was because improper digestion of food introduced more toxins in your body.Since your body has much less toxins to deal with, your concentration improves. You will be calmer. You will feel revitalized and energetic. See it for yourself!

8. Overall improved mood
Yes! You will feel happier than ever. This is probably because your body is not burdened with toxins and energy flows smoothly within your body.

9. One thing to remember!
You must eat only when you are hungry. It is quite possible that after a heavy lunch you might feel hungry much later after 8:00 P.M. In such a case you should take soup or low calorie healthy snacks to curb hunger. Never eat full stomach during these times. If you are not hungry don't eat at all.

10. Some spiritual benefits
People who are inclined spiritually are often advised to meditate during night. It is easier to meditate when there is no commotion around. Spiritual aspirants can benefit themselves by eating early. Their mind won't be drowsy by the time they sit for the meditation. This will help tremendously in their spiritual pursuits.

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