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Srila Prabhupada gave an example from the film Charlie Chaplin, in which a young adventurer and his girlfriend arrived at the formal dance held in the ballroom. When the young man, going to dance, get up, the long skirts of his coat caught in the chair, and the suit ripped in Krishna consciousness there is nothing external ... 15 bottom half of the back. Remaining calm, the man motioned to his companion to wait. Going into the men's room, he took off his coat and tore it completely up to the collar, so that formed two long, narrow belt.

Outside the room, he kept his head and twirled his girlfriend in a rough waltz around the ballroom. The eyes of all those present rushed to the couple, and soon they became the center of attention. Shocked people watched with admiration by two dancing enthusiastically circled the room. One by one the other men were removed in the men's room, and in a few seconds appeared in the dance hall in evening dress, torn up collar, considering it is a new fashion. Srila Prabhupada explains that the devotees should be encouraged and convinced like this dancer, and then people will follow our example. The brochure "Vaisnava clothes." Kiev.


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