Pilgrimages and Practices

In order to understand the spiritual practices outlined in this section, it is useful to have an overview of the main processes or "paths" (see One Goal, Different Paths). Some authorities list three, others add a fourth. Many thinkers claim that all paths are equally valid and effective and that the choice depends on individual inclination. Others suggest that all four paths are stepping stones along one spiritual path, each building progressively on the previous, more elementary disciplines. Either way, it is not that the different paths are tightly compartmentalised – each may contain elements of the others. Additionally, there may be higher and lower understand­ings of each path, as we explore below.

A pilgrim is ‘one who journeys in foreign lands’. So a place of pilgrimage is, by implication, a foreign land. But this differs greatly from the meaning conveyed by the word tīrtha. Tīrtha is a place for devotees, and devotees are not foreign to one another. For practicality’s sake, however, we must make do with the term place of pilgrimage for tīrtha.

The Sanskrit word tīrtha is derived from the root verb tr, meaning ‘to cross’, ‘to surpass’. So according to the derived meaning, a tīrtha is a place from where one can surpass or overcome one’s evil actions (tarati pāpādikam yasmāt) or a place from which one can ascend (tarati yasmāt sthānāt) to a higher stage of life. A holy place raises us by leading to a higher mental plane; it has the power to manifest godliness in the human heart by making it pure.

The ultimate Truth is the foundation of spiritual science. All scientific truths—even religions and philosophies are but lower steps of the seemingly infinite flight of stairs that leads to the summit of spirituality. Pilgrimage also happens to be one such step.

 Focuses of Worship
 The Trimurti
 Three Main Focuses of Worship
 Twelve Principal Deities
 Avatars, Expansions, and Epithets
 Minor Deities
 Types of Worship
 The Murti
 Puja: Ritual Worship
 The Arti Ceremony
 Eight Other Forms of Worship
 Mandir: The Temple
 Inside the Mandir
 The Shrine
 The Temple Priests
 Worship in the Home

Introduction: Four Main Paths
 1. Karma Yoga - the yoga of selfless action
 2. Raja Yoga (Yoga) - physical exercises and meditation
 3. Jnana Yoga or right knowledge - philosophical research and wisdom
 4. Bhakti Yoga - the path of devotional service

Glossary Terms for Worship

Lifestyle and Expressions of Faith

Expressions of Faith

Good Sanskar(Good Values)
 Charansparsh - Ancient Vedic tradition involved touching the feet
 How to behave and Give Respect to Your Parents
 Dependence Leads to Independence - Nature of Humans
 Indian Hindu Old Values and new Priorities in Indian Society
 Namaskar - Origin and the meaning of the word 'Namaskar'
 Essence of Mantra Sadhana
 Sadhana - The Vedic Spiritual Practices
 World,Society and Living problems? Here is Solutions You can Find
 Symbols and Sanskars
 Why do we not touch papers, books and people with the feet in Hindu Tradition?
 Self-Realization in Yoga Philosophy
 North indian vedic Wedding
 Vedic South indian Wedding
 Why do we prostrate before parents & elders?
 Time Management Tips for Children Focuses of Worship - Unity and Diversity
 Worship - Glossary Terms for Worship
 What is Womens Vedic Dharma
 How to be Relationship Between a Parent and a Child

Chakra System
 Chakras - Human Energy Centres
 Exercises for Svadhishthana Chakra
 Khatu Pranam - Greetings to Khatu with Mantras

Basic Practices
 Essence of Mantra Sadhana
 Sadhana - The Vedic Spiritual Practices

 Yoga Mudra - Forward Bend Sitting on Heels
 Chin Mudra - practitioner of the goal of yoga
 Antahkaranas and Indriyas
 Five Basic Elements of Mudras
     Types of Mudras
 Gyan Mudra - Vaayu Vardhak Mudra
 Vaayu Shaamak - Vaayu Mudra
 Surya mudra - Prithvi Shaamak
 Aakaash Mudra - Akaash Vardhak
 Varun mudra - Jal Vardhak
 Shoonya mudra - Aakaash Shaamak
 Jal Shaamak Mudra
 Prithvi mudra - Prithvi Vardhak
 Vaayan mudra - Vaata kaarak
 Vaata Naashak mudra
 Pitta Naashak mudra - Kapha Kaarak
 Tridosha Naashak 'Samaan' mudra
 Kaamadhenu mudra
 Anjali Mudra - Salutation Seal
 Apaan mudra
 Apaan Vaayu Mudra
 Pushaan mudra
 Muladhara Chakra - The seat of destiny
 What Is Mula Bandha - Anal Lock
 Yoga Mudra - Forward Bend Sitting on Heels - Variations
 Shalabhasana - The Locust
 Tadagi Mudra - Raised Lotus
 Yoga Mudra - Forward Bend Sitting on Heels
 Ashwini Mudra - Practice and Benefits

 What is Yoga
 History of Yoga
 Four Ashramas of Yoga
 Mechanism of Mantra Yoga
 Definitions of Yoga
 Shivagama Tantra Yoga
 Deep Cleaning: Yoga Poses for Detox
 Yoga Principles - The Spiritual Background
 What is the Benefits of Yoga
 Athletic Yoga - Get the Winning Edge
 Yoga nidra - As restorative as sleep - relax yourself
 Yoga and Time Management
 Best Reasons to do Yoga
 Philosophy of Yoga
 Hatha Yoga - The Physical Path
 Raja Yoga, Oneness through Meditation
 Jnana Yoga - The Yoga of Wisdom
 Bhakti Yoga – The Yoga of devotion/worship of a higher power
 Tantra Yoga - Demystified
 Karma Yoga - Four paths of yoga
 Path of Kundalini Yoga
 Swami B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga
    YOGA ASANAS: Yoga Poses
 Ardha Matsyendrasana - Bound angle or easy pose
 Anandasana - Relaxation Pose
 Adho Mukha Svanasana - Downward-Facing Dog
 Agnistambhasana - Fire Log Yoga Pose
 Ananda Balasana - Happy Baby Yoga Pose
 Anjaneyasana - Low Lunge Yoga Pose
 Ardha Bhekasana - Half Frog Pose
 Ardha Chandrasana - Half Moon Yoga Pose
 Ardha Matsyendrasana - Half Lord of the Fish Pose
 Ardha Uttanasana - Standing Half Forward Bend Yoga Pose
 Astavakrasan- Eight Angle Yoga Pose
 Ashva Sanchalanasana - Horse Riding Exercise
 Ardha Chandrasana and Pada Hastasana- Half Moon with Hands to Feet pose
 Ardha Matsyendrasana- Spine Twisting Pose
 Ardha Kurmasana - Half Tortoise Pose
 Ardha Padmasana - Half Lotus Pose
 Adho Mukha Vrkshasana and Benefits, Definitions
 Ardha Uttanasana - Standing Half Forward Bend Yoga Pose
 Baddha konasana - Bound angle yoga pose
 Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose
 Baddha Konasana - Health Benefits Of Bound Angle Yoga Pose
 Bakasana - Crane Yoga Pose
 Balasana - Child Yoga Pose
 Bhekasana - Frog Pose
 Bhujapidasana - Shoulder-Pressing Yoga Pose
 Baddha Hasta Sirsasana - Bound-Hands-Headstand
 Bhujangasana - Cobra Pose
 Bharadvajasana I - Bharadvaja's Twist
 Bhumi Pada Mastakasana - Feet and Head on Earth Posture
 Chakrasana - Wheel Pose
 Camatkarasana - Wild Thing Yoga Pose
 Dandasana - Staff Yoga Pose
 Dwi pada Shirshasana - Two Feet behind Head Posture
 Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana - Upward Facing Two-Foot Staff Pose
 Danda yama danurasana - Standing Bow Pull Pose, Bikram Yogasanas
 Dandayama Janushirsasana - Standing Head to Knee Pose , Bikram Yogasanas
 Dhanurasana - Floor Bow Pose
 Dandayama Bihaktapada Janushirsasana- Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee Pose
 Dolphin Plank Yoga Pose
 Dolphin Yoga Pose
 Dhanurasana - The Bow Pose
 Eka Pada Rajakapotasana
 Eka Pada Koundinyasana II - Albatross Yoga Pose
 Eka Pada Koundiyanasana I
 Eka Pada Rajakapotasana - One Legged King Pigeon Yoga Pose
 Eka Pada Sirsasana - One-Legged King Pigeon
 Flow of Prana
 Four-Limbed Staff Pose - Chaturanga Dandasana
 Gomukhasana - Cow Face Yoga Pose
 Grinding Pose
 Garudasana - Eagle Yoga Pose
 Gomukhasana - Cow Face Yoga Pose
 Garudasana - Eagle Pose, Bikram Yogasanas
 Gyan Mudra - Vaayu Vardhak Mudra
 Halasana: Plow Pose
 Hanumanasana - Monkey Yoga Pose
 High Lunge Yoga Pose
 Head-to-Knee Forward Bend Pose - Janu Sirsasana
 Halasana - The Plough Pose
 Janushirsasana and Paschimottasana - Head To Knee and Stretching Poses
 Kapotasana - King Pigeon Pose
 Krounchasana - Heron Yoga Pose
 Kapalabhati Pranayama - Blowing In Firm Pose
 Kapal Bhati Pranayama - Skull Shining Breathing Technique
 Kapotasana - Pigeon Yoga Pose
 Laghu Vajrasana - Thunderbolt Yoga pose
 Malasana - Garland Yoga Pose
 Marichyasana I - Pose Dedicated to the Sage Marichi, I
 Marjaryasana - Cat Pose
 Matsyasana - Fish Pose
 Mayurasana - Peacock Pose
 Marichyasana III - Marichi's Pose
 Marjarasana - Cat Cow Pose
 Mukta Hasta Shirshasana - Free Hand Headstand
 Neti Pot Without No Danger
 Nakrasana - Crocodile Pose
 Navasana, Boat Posture Yoga asana
 Natarajasana - Lord Nataraja Dance Pose
 Padangusthasana - Big Toe Yoga Pose
 Parighasanab - Gate Pose
 Paripurna Navasana - Full Boat Pose
 Parivrtta Parsvakonasana - Revolved Side Angle Pose
 Parivrtta Trikonasana - Revolved Triangle Pose
 Parsva Bakasana - Side Crane Pose
 Parsvottanasana - Intense Side Stretch Pose
 Pasasana - Noose Pose
 Padmasana - Lotus Pose
 Parighasana - Gate Yoga Pose
 Paschimottanasana - Seated Forward Bend
 Pincha Mayurasana - Feathered Peacock Pose
 Prasarita Padottanasana - Wide-Legged Forward Bend Pose
 Purvottanasana - Upward Plank Pose
 Parsva Dhanurasana - Side Bow Pose
 Poorna Salabasana - Full Locust Pose
 Pavanamuktasana - Wind Removing Pose
 Parsva Bakasana - Side Crane Yoga Pose
 Padagustasana- Toe Stand Pose
 Plank Yoga Pose
 Pranayama - Standing deep Breathing Pose
 Rowing Asana
 Raja Yoga - Four paths of yoga
 Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose - Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana
 Salamba Sarvangasana - Supported Shoulder Stand Pose
 Salamba Sirsasana - Supported Headstand Yoga Pose
 Salabhasana - Locust Pose
 Savasana - Corpse Pose
 Supta Vajrasana - Fixed Firm Pose
 Supta Urdhva Pada Vajrasana - Sleeping Upward Lifting Leg-Thunderbolt
 Seated and Twist - Yoga Poses
 Setu Bandha Sarvangasana - Bridge Pose
 Santolanasana - Balancing Pose
 Standing from Squatting Pose
 Surya Namaskar - Healthy Benefits of Sun Salutation
 Supta Vajrasana - Backward Bend Sitting on the Heels
 Supta Varjrasana - Thunderbolt Yoga Pose
 Sit Up Pose
 Salabhasana - Locust Pose
 Savasana - Corpse Pose
 Simhasana - Lion Pose
 Surya Namaskar
 Sukhasana - Easy Yoga Pose
 Surya mudra - Prithvi Shaamak
 Supta Baddha Konasana - Reclining Bound Angle Pose
 Supta Padangusthasana - Reclining Big Toe Pose
 Supta Virasana - Reclining Hero Pose
 Sukasana - Easy Yoga Pose
 Sphinx Yoga Pose
 Svara Yoga Pranayama - Yoga of Sound Breath
 Shalabhasana - The Locust
 Shirshasana - The Headstand
 Shashankasana - Headstand Yoga Pose
 Sasangasana - Rabbit Pose
 Seated Forward Bend - Paschimottanasana followed
 Tadasana - Mountain Pose
 Tittibhasana - Firefly Yoga Pose
 Tadasana Samasthiti Pose - By Swami B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga
 Tittibhasana - Firefly Pose
 Tolasana - Scale Pose
 Tree pose, Bikram Yogasanas
 Thrikatasana - Triangle Pose, Bikram Yogasanas
 Thula danasana - Balancing Stick Pose, Bikram Yogasanas
 Upavistha Konasana - Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
 Urdhva Dhanurasana - Upward Bow or Wheel Pose
 Urdhva Hastasana - Upward Salute
 Urdhva Dhanurasana
 Urdhva Mukha Svanasana - Upward-Facing Dog Yoga Pose
 Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana - Standing Split Yoga Pose
 Ustrasana - Camel Pose
 Utkatasana - Chair Pose
 Uttanasana - Standing Forward Bend Yoga Pose
 Uttana Shishosana - Extended Puppy Pose
 Utthita Hasta Padangustasana - Extended Hand-To-Big-Toe Pose
 Utthita Parsvakonasana - Extended Side Angle Pose
 Utthita Trikonasana - Extended Triangle Pose
 Utkatasana - Awkward Pose - Bikram Yogasanas
 Utthan Pristhasana - Lizard Yoga Pose
 Ustrasana - Camel Pose
 Uddyiana Bandhasana -The Stomach Lift, Abdominal Lift
 Viparita Karani - Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose
 Vrischika Asana - Scorpion Pose
 Virabhadrasana I - Warrior I Pose
 Virabhadrasana II - Warrior II Pose
 Vasisthasana - Side Plank Pose
 Virabhadrasana III - Warrior III Pose
 Vishnu pose’ or Anantasana - Side-Reclining Leg Lift
 Virasana - Hero Pose
 Vaayu Shaamak - Vaayu Mudra
 Vajrasana: Thunderbolt Pose or Zen Pose
 Vrksasana - Tree Pose
 Vasisthasana - Side Plank Yoga Pose
 Vatayanasana - Horse Face Yoga Pose
 Yoga Nidrasana - Yogic Sleep pose

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