SUN Eye Disease - fear of the future vision.

The problem of the Sun - lack of confidence, lack of lust for life, clear goals.

1. Heart - lack of joy and love. The problem of the Sun - the lack of optimism of prana in the body, unhealthy lifestyle. Stomach - digestion of new ideas.
The problem of the Sun - the reluctance to cope with difficult situations.
2. MOON intestine - the failure of reality. The problem on the moon - the inability to take the circumstances "as is."
3. MARS Headache - inferiority. The problem for Mars: a lack of resolve, frustrating.
4. MERCURY throat, speech, asthma - a creative block and fear of self-expression.
The problem of Mercury - the fear to express their point of view, the fear of trying something new, express yourself, envy and resentment.
5. JUPITER Ears - refusal to hear something important. The problem of Jupiter: the unwillingness to learn, to become wiser.
6. VENUS genital diseases - perverted ideas about the body, most focus on their appearance, and others. The problem of Venus - the desire to over-indulge in sensual pleasures, indulge their whims, sexual promiscuity, sensitivity, self-love.
7. SATURN Diseases of the anus - the inability to get rid of the past. The problem of Saturn - "hang" in the past experiences, the inability to let go and live a new life in the present, the lack of humility. Diseases of the joints of the feet, varicose veins, arthritis - a dislike to his work, stubbornness. The problem of Saturn - the unwillingness to recognize others, pride, anger on other people, greed, greed, inability to relax, a desire to punish someone, criticism, anger.

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