Krishna- the master of all tricks

Once Radha got false anger with Krishna as He did not come to meet her for long! She became very slim and weak because of the absence of Krishna for long! Actually, Krishna did so, to perform a lila with Radha!

After waiting for a few days for Krishna, Radha sat alone inside her home and instructed all her associate gopis: 

“Hey Gopis! All of you stand as protection outside our house! Kanha is playing a game with me now! He will come here one day! He can not remain without me! But, when He comes, never allow Him inside the house! He will make many tricks and make dramas! He is a good actor! Be careful!”
                    Gopis agreed and did as said by Radha!

Krishna came! He requested His level best to allow Him to enter the house! But, the gopis did not allow Him and said that Radha is very angry with Kanha and they act according to Her instructions only! After many attempts, Krishna went away upset!

But, He is the source of intelligennce! So, He made a trick! He dressed like a lady and went to Radha’s house! He told them that he is the master of all arts and can find a cure to the distress of Radha! As the gopis were worried about Radha’s health, they allowed her (Him).

Krishna entered the house, and spoke like a girl! He also asked Radha to show her palm to find out the reason for her worry! Radha showed. Krishna suddenly caught her hands and showed His original youth form! On seeing that, Radha felt so ashamed and embraced Krishna with Love!

Krishna is the master of all tricks!


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