Gopika Geetham -- Song of separation

Everyone especially craves one thing. They crave prestige. Even if someone declares that he is in fact selfless or holy, he surely still hankers for this. We find that even brothers and sisters want something from each other: affection. But Krsna has explained that the gopis do not even want this from Him. They want nothing but to serve Him. When Krsna left the rasa dance the gopis sang Gopi-gita, their song of separation from Him.

The chief gopi  Radharani said, "My dear Krishna you are my life and soul if I die without receiving your glance you'll be responsible for my death. so please come to see me. Do not think that one can be killed only by weapons. I'm being killed by your absence".

Dear Krishna I've become very lusty having been touched by your lotus feet. Your attractive eyes like the lotus are so nice and pleasing. Your sweet words are so fascinating. Please satisfy me by your nectarean kisses. Dear Lord words spoken by you or words describing your activities are full of nectar and simply by speaking or hearing your words one can be saved from material existence.

My beloved Krishna Radharani continued, You're very cunning. You can imagine how much i'm
distressed simply by remembering your cunning smile, your pleasing glance. Now i'm aggrieved to remember your behaviour. I'm so much attached to you that  i'm always think simply of Your lotus feet.

    O my dear Krishna You are the Supreme Lover. I'm seeking your kisses which you offer even to your flute. Kindly return and kiss me with your mouth of nectar.

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