Why To Visit Vedic Hindu Temples

Temple is a place where Devatas (Gods OR Goddess) are invoked. In Sanskrit this process of invocation is called “Pran Pratistha”. In the Pran Pratistha process specific Gods Or and Goddess are requested to present themselves in the Vigrahas (idols) placed in that Temple.

This Pran Pratistha process of gods and goddess in the Vigrahas is done with the Veda Mantras, sacred rituals, and Homas (fire sacrifice/prayer). The power of the Veda Mantras recited and chanted by Ved Pandits will changes the simple stone shape  into Devatas.

Being more liberty at Home there is rarely any scope of Chanting of Vedamantras by Veda pandits.

Many non-sacred activities are take place at home like: Watching TV, Eating Non – Vegeterian food, Loud Discussions, Using of unethical language, Walking with shoes in the house, etc.

All these activities in any way can not create the energy that we can have in  temples.

All the rituals, and religious practices that are performed in the Temples are came into existence  after a long research, scientific study of ethics, thesis of the Nature to lead a betterment of human life with health and wealth.

We lose the energy in our day to day work, which is regained by visiting the Temple and make us re-energized to some extent. The positive energy which is present in the entire temple and especially around the main Diety, are simply absorbed by human body and mind.

So, when we worship in temple we are not worshipping idols, but worshipping devatas. Because the devatas Temple-Aartiat temple were invoked with Veda Mantras, what we see in a temple that just not a Idol but actual devatas. The energy that we obtain in the temple is extreme better to that we get in our house. The Holy Water [Tirth], Blessing [Ashirwad], Prasadam we get in temple, that cannot be found at home.

Generally the temples are located deliberately at the places where the constructive energy is abundantly available from the magnoelectric wave distributions of  North and South pole drive. The construction of the Temple is built after the idol of Deity has been placed.

The main Deity is placed in the central part of the temple, known as “Garbhagriha”.

This “Garbhagriha” is the place where earth’s magnetic energy is in maximum. While insatlling the main diety some copper plates with other metals like Silver, Gold, are inscribed chanting with Vedic scripts, buried under the Main Idol.

This copper plate absorbs earth’s magnetic waves and radiates it into the surroundings. Thus an individual who visits regularly the temple and make the “Pradakshina” [walking clockwise around the Main Temple] receives the bright magnetic waves and his body get absorb it. This requires a regular visits and lot of time to let him absorb the positive energy. Scientifically, the positive energy that we all require to have a healthy life can get, here in Temple.

The Temple increases the dedication of a human being and brings out from the sufferings and Chaitanya [Power] of the Deity gives the peace of mind.

The ringing of the bells and the chanting of prayers takes a worshipper into trance, thus not letting his mind be indecisive.

In Hindu temples we worship in two types of noises one is the ringing of bells or  Nadaswaram [one type of musical instruments] and another is Recitation of mantras.

The ringing bells forces out the evil state of mind from the Temple.

While performing the prayer or “Pradakshina” people forget their personal problems for a while and can get relief from their stress. The fragrance of the flowers, blazing of camphor give out the substance energy which aid in good aura. The outcome of all these energies is supported by the positive energy of the presiding Diety and the copper plates with other metals used in the “Garbagraham”                              

A temple is not only the place of worship but it is a place of learning about the Religion, Language, Culture, Morals  and Ethics of  existence in order to live healthy and happy life.

So vist the Temple with Humility, Without Pride, Charity, Simplicity, Self Control, Objects Of Satisfaction And Calmness

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