What is Vastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra
Vaastu Shastra is the science of direction which combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and resources. It is all about the relations of various forms to provide best effects on a living person. It aims to create a fine conducive atmosphere in a structure where we live and can bring enhanced health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in an enlightened environment. Like any other science, Vaastu is universal, based on reason, practical and useful. It is not a religious conviction, but is a science.

Vaastu helps to increase the worth of life, and does NOT interfere with the fortune! 

Simply it means assume a balcony in any Apartment/House is built perfectly as per Vaastu Shastra. Unfortunately a person living in that House/ Apartment,  jumps off that balcony! He or she may die or survive, that is fortune!

Vastu shastra is a combination of  Five Basic elements these are:

Vastu  shastra is a combination of  Five Basic elements  these  are
Earth (Prihvi ) : Magnetic field of the earth :
The earth is the basis of life and we live in an earthen environment. Both the earth and our body have related magnetic properties. Vaastu Natures-5-ElementsScientists have proved that earth is a huge magnetic with two poles, North and South as with human Head is North and feets are South. As in magnetic rule opposite poles attract each other at the same time,  same poles keep away each other.  Sleeping With the heads towards South direction in Vaastu supports a healthy and peaceful sleep whereas head towards North will not.

Water ( Jal ) : Gravitational attraction of the Earth :
It is the most important element which is attached to our senses of taste, touch, sight, and hearing. More than 75% of our body and 2/3rd of earth surface is occupied with water. The correct positioning of water sources like well, bore well, underground water tank, overhead water tank influences the quality of the life and the achievement in any work.

Fire ( Agni ) :  Solar radiation :
Fire represents the energy of light and heat. The Origin of Fire element is the Sun. The Sun rays are the combination of 7 plus 2 Colors.  In vaastu, the correct positioning of heating outlets and kitchen are important because auspicious usage of the fire element in office and home enhances the wealth and prosperity.  It is suggested by Vaastu Shastra that having a tall or big trees in the  South direction  will reduce the harmful effects of Sun rays

Air ( Vayu ) : Wind energy:
The air element is ostensible by the sense of touch and feel. The air element is related to architectural factors such as climatic conditions, proper placements of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, height of structure and placement of trees and plants for balancing the Air element within the structure.

Space ( Aakash) : Cosmic radiation:
In Vaastu, the space element is with a complex inner structure that influences everything inside it. The space is infinite and never ending. In Vastu, the space element is very important because it’s distinctive influences of the eight directions upon the space element in your home. ‘Open space’ both in house as well as plot must be carefully considered and positioned.

These  five Basic elements are also present in our body  which are related to our five senses: Smell (Gandh ), Taste ( Chav ), Hearing ( Dhvani ), Touch ( Sparsh ) and Sight ( Drashti). Any inequality in our internal Vastu leads into unhappy situations.

According to the traditional knowledge, the entire universe is made up of these five basic elements. In reality, these five elements of the nature have to be matched with the five elements of the human body as well. This coordination is what makes human relationship pleasant. And perhaps the Vaastu Shastra help us to makes the matching with nature’s Five Basic elements in our living house.


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