Unknown Facts About Swamiji Vivekananda and Hinduism

Swamiji Vivekananda and Hinduism

 1)  After the world conference in Chicago many American        Papers of that time first recognize and praise the work of    Swamiji few of these are  -
a.       Newyork critics
b.      Newyork Herald
c.       Baycity tribune
d.      Chicagointerone

e.      Bruklin standard
f.        Hertford daily times
g.       Ratherford  America
h.      Northern daily herald
i.         Wiakoncin state Journal
j.        Desmines news.

These are the few names from the lots....

  2)  In India at first not any News paper recognizes the work of Vivekananda, but after the recognization from America Indian Papers can’t remain silent.

 3) In India from 1893 to 1896 many Indian news papers published the news about the activity of Vivekananda in America.

  4)  Indian Mirror ' a leading paper published from Calcutta ran by the Bramha Dharma leader Mr . Keshab Chandra Sen first ignores and criticizes the news of Vivekananda and publishes the effort of Mr.  Majumdar  (representative of Bramha Dharma) enormously, But after few times this paper takes the main role in the promotion of Vivekananda Darshan under the editorial ship of 'Mr. Narendra Nath Sen" , the nephew of Keshab Chandra Sen, he also establish  the Indian Mirror in whole India base.

5) Mr Lui Berk has done a research work in the various news  published on Swamiji in the News papers of America.

6)  A great word by  Vivekananda In America '' I am agree to take the Jesus Christ , but you also have to accept Krishna and Buddha" .

 7)  Swamiji  went to Detroit  to give speech , the queue reached the main road to listen it . 'Mrs Frankie' explain the craze of Swamiji after the world conference in this way.

8) Swami Vivekananda was a great fond of Goutam Buddha he told  "The original morality is the  bestowal  of pure Buddhism".

  9) Vivekananda in his early life when he was  'Narendranath',  then he went to Bramha samaj and also act in a religious drama with Mr. Kesab Chandra Sen.

10)  The Patanjail Yoga which is highly familiar by the Ramdev baba Now a days, was teach by Swamiji in the late years of 1800s to the realistic Americans.

11) "Bramhabidan”, the magazine started by the great Vivekananda at that time.

12)   Helen Huntington Wrote about Swamiji , that at that time the American Ladies , who are busy with there luxurious life are highly attracted by Swamiji to  the Hindu Drashan and vedas.

13)    "Temple Universal "  , a all religion  temple was established in  the presidence of "Mr. De " , a doctor , to promote the teachings of Vivekananda.

14)   Annie Besant took the Hindu religion

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