Shocking tale of a baba who lived for 900 years

Is it possible for a man to live for nearly thousand long years? It might be difficult to believe but there is a real-life case that is boggling everyone’s mind on the Internet - a Siddha Yogi Saint called Devraha Baba or Deoraha Baba actually survived for 900 years. He was popularly called as 'ageless Yogi with a secular image’. Though he left his mortal body in 1990, his disciples are spreading a word about him.

While trying to find more about him, I came across several documentaries and texts that mentioned him to be minimum 250 year old. 900 or 250, whatever the number of years he is claimed to have lives…the whole episode is still astonishing!

According to his disciples, Baba never wore anything. He used to live in an elevated wooden house. He used to come down once in a day for taking bath. His disciples say that he was incarnation of God and he had control over non living things. It is said that when he did not want to be filmed, he could not be photographed despite clicking several times. He could even control gun shots. Revolvers refused to breadth fire when he did not want them to.

During Kumbh Mela, he used to sit in Allahabad for two months, one-one month each on the banks of River Ganga and river Yamuna. He used to preach to his disciples from the elevated accommodation.

Legends say he had the power to go to any place, whenever he wanted to. Orchards near his house had no thorns. Baba had the power to read peoples mind. He never ate anything except Milk and Honey. Even ‘high and mighty’ bowed down at Baba’s darbar.

His illustrious disciples included Dr Rajendra Prasad, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lalu Prasad Yadav. Legends say that he took birth from water. In Vrindavan, he could take remain under water for 30 minutes. He could read the minds of animals.

Though to most of us all this might seem like an excerpt from some fairy tale, but Deoraha Baba has some serious fan following and devoted followers. Take a look at some of the videos available on this subject and do share your thoughts…
By Priyanshi Lal



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