Controling Your Planets By Doing Yoga

The Planets can be controlled by Yoga and Pranayam

Surya Namaskar
According to Astrology, everything will happen as per the positioning of the planets. To ward off the negative effects of planets we perform so many rituals like- Punya Karma, Daan, Chanting of Mantras, Eating habits and you will wonder to know that, the Planets can be controlled by using Yoga and Pranayaam also.

Here we give some simple methods about how to control planets using Yoga and Pranayaam!

Relation of Astrology and Yoga:
Our Ancient Rishi Munis have discovered about using of Astrology, Yoga and Ayurveda to cure various human problems, Astrology is used to know the possibilities of issues that may happen in future.

Also every Yoga posture [Yoga asana] is finally tied back to one or more among the Nine planets in Vedic astrology and the practice of these asanas can strengthen and balance our planetary forces.

The Sun
When Sun becomes malefic in your Birth-Chart the person losses his self confidence with a very negative aura. It also makes Vision poor, Heart Disease, Anemia and a weak nervous system.

To Control The Malefic impact of Sun, Surya Namaskar is the best way along with Agnisar and Bhastrika.

The Moon
Malefic Moon makes you extra emotional and always feeling with stress and anxiety.

To control the negative Moon, drink lot of water and practice Anulom -Vilom along with Bhastrika pranayam. Chanting with Om, will gives an amazing results.

The Mars
Malefic Mars creates very negative temperament and sex-related issues, the person becomes either very sensual or impotent. Both the conditions are not good.

Further, your work may become negative or it makes you lazy or so much active that you may not be.

To ward off such situations Yogasanas like Padmasan, Titali Asan, Mayur Asan with Sheetalikaran Paranaym can gives positive results.

The Mercury
When Mercury becomes malefic it creates problems in decision-making, Further it gives Skin disease also.

Using maximum green vegetables in diet and doing Bhastrika, Anulom Vilom and chanting of Om can boost the Immune system and makes the mind cool which apparently increases decision power.

The Jupiter
When Jupiter is Malefic in horoscope it creates, obesity, diabetes, liver and stomach related problems. Sometimes Jupiter is related to cancer also.

To control the malefic Jupiter avoid eating sweets and yellow things.

Kapal Bhati, Sarvang Asan and Agni Sar, Surya Namaskar are the Asans and Pranayam which controls the negative effects Jupiter

The Venus
Malefic Venus creates issues in genetics parts, sexual imbalance, and irregular Female cycles and disturbs luxury life.
Sitali-pranayama or Sheetalikaran-Pranayam

To control negative impact of Venus, do not eat cold things, curd, rice etc.

Apart from this do this Pranayams: Dhanurasan, Halasan, Moolbandh Aasan and Jaanusirasan.

The Saturn
Malefic Saturn gives acidity, gastric, arthritis, heart attack etc. which makes the person irritated and restless. Sleep disorder is a major problem that caused by malefic Saturn.

To control Saturn [Shani] avoid heavy and oily food and drink a lot of water.

Kapal Bhati, Anulom-Vilom, Agnisar, Sheetalikaran and Bharamri Pranayam will helps to reduce the negative effects of Saturn

When Ketu becomes malefic in horoscope you may suffer from anemia, piles, indigestion, skin disease etc. this is the major reason to become impure blood in the body. To drop-off the negative impact of Ketu one should perform the Anulom-Vilom, Kapal Bhati, Aginsar, Sirsasan.

Raahu Planet
Raahu mostly gives negative impact especially when it is posited in your Lagna, 2nd, 5th and 8th position. It affects your thinking and decision power. It gives blurred vision.

Pranayam yoga

Your language becomes harmful, become anger, anxiety, restlessness and leads to unnecessary arguments.

To control planet Raahu, do Anulom-Vilom, Bharamari and Bhastrika adding Om chanting will give an awesome results.


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