A Yogi Enjoys Eternal Happiness,Like A Child


Yunjannevam sadaatmaanam
yogee niyatamaanasaha
shaantim nirvaanaparamaam
matsamsthaam adhigacchati

Thus spoke Lord Sri Krishna in Bhagvadgeetha. Such a Yogi is always immersed in the pure state of self, being continuously engulfed in Brahman. Yoga means to be one with Parabrahman.  To be ever indulged in Him and being focused on is to be full of Satu Chitu Anand. For such a Yogi whose mind and heart are always dwelving in Satu, the experience is, everything is Brahman and nothing other than Brahman. The great Bhagavata & Jnani Saint Nammalwar exclaims:

“Unnum Shorum Paruhu Neerum Thinnum Vethilai Ellam Kannan”

- the food I eat, the water that flows and even the betel leaf I eat, are all nothing but Sri Krishna”. Sri Nammalwar sings and dances in ecstasy and tries to describe the Lord thus in his Tiruvaymoli - Dear father, how at all can I describe you in my poor words. Shall I say you are this very earth, this vast sky, the great oceans, the flying birds, the great sun, moon & fire or as one who has surpassed all these and grown beyond”.

What is the mental state of such a Jnani? How does he behave?  How to identify him? - are of some of the frequently asked questions, which can be answered thus.  A Jnani will be like a child.  He will be like the child which is innocently sleeping on the Banian leaf, on the waters of the Mahapralaya, suckling & enjoying the toe of his own feet.  The vedic utterance precisely explains the same status.  He will be like a child in its mother’s womb, in the 8th month of pregnancy, when he is blessed with the vision of Narayana, and thus totally immersed in Brahmananda.

The jnani will be like the great Sanaka, Sananda, Prahlada and Shuka.  Such a Yogi may also be like a mad man - infatuated person - infatuated in the Parandhama, Parabrahman.  In the eyes of this world, a jnani is nothing but a “totally mad” man. But actually the jnani will be in his - a condition beyond the comprehension of our mind.  His words are sometimes unintelligible, his actions non-decipherable; he drinks whatever he likes, eats whatever is unpalatable to a worldly person.  But in the eyes of other Jnanis, he is a well established in the higher divinity. Such a great celestial condition has been described by Purandaradasa in his devaranama - Huchhu Hidiyitu Enage”.

An established Yogi enjoys the eternal happiness just like a child or mad man and some times appearing to be both. This is the very condition, described by Sri Shankaracharya as “enjoys”. Such a jnani is a living witness for the vedic definition - Brahman is nothing but the highest truth, knowledge, boundless and happiness.  Such a Jnani is ever immersed in the divine light form of Sri Krishna, enjoying the divine sound of Pranava from his flute and being an embodiment of eternal happiness.

This article has been taken from the book A Torchlight in the Path of Salvation, Bhaja Govindam- Pray to Govinda by K V Varadaraja Iyengar

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