Dependence Leads to Independence - Nature of Humans

"The insatiable hankering of the modern "an has deprived him of spending quality time with himself and his family and, it has landed him into an island where he finds himself all alone surrounded by the ocean of threats."
Nature of  Humans
The innate quality  of human beings is to employ all his senses - ear, tongue, nose, eye, skin to enjoy whatever is available to him. The insatiable hankering of the modern man to stretch the degree of sense enjoyment is always forcing him to search for  newer  things  and so he is always seen very busy. The nature to lord over the material world has supplied him sleepless nights, newer diseases, anxious moments, failed relationships and nervousness of failure. It has deprived him of spending quality time with himself and his  family and more importantly it has landed him into an island where he finds himself  all alone surrounded by the ocean of eternal threat and loss of identity.

As Srila Prabhupada defines, that the habit of  human race being  too engrossed in selfishly searching for happiness for himself, his family, his society is known as Struggle for existence.  He spends his entire life in fighting against the  obstacles offered by maya. This mundane nature of procuring happiness has kept him under the spell of maya (the material energy) which has tied his gross and subtle body and it is not letting him realise his actual position. Covered by the cloud of material energy human beings falsely take this struggle for existence as real happiness, which earns him repeated birth and death and hence he is left permanently under the spell of fear of birth, death, old age and disease. Humans try to control the world around them and put all our endeavour in making favourable condition for himself and his family, however the fact is that in most of the cases all his plans meet catastrophe  only. This constant planning to protect himself against distress and attain happiness is the prime cause of fear and does not allow him to be free. They live a life of a destitute who is unable to feel real independence, fearlessness, freedom and ultimate happiness. This has been confirmed in Srimad Bhagvatam when Lord Kapila gives instructions on devotional activities to his mother Devahuti. (SB: 3.27.3)

Optimistic viewpoint - human life is a golden opportunity
Now the question arises, are we so unfortunate that we will  eternally live in fear and cannot seek permanent happiness? The answer is NO. Since we are part and parcel of the Absolute- The Supreme Lord, Shri Krsna, who is all merciful, He carries a fatherly affection for us and  is ever ready to  deliver us back to our actual home that is under His Lotus Feet. It is we who as foolish men wish to enjoy the material nature(external energy) and do not want to enter into His internal energy which consists of Sandhini(full of existence), Samvit(full of knowledge) and Hladini(full of happiness and bliss). We do not value our birth in human form, although Brahmaji and other demigods crave for a human life since it gives a soul the chance of self-realisation. The Lord has assured us, “Relinquishing all ideas of righteousness, surrender unto Me exclusively;I will deliver you from all sinful reactions do not despair”(BG:18.66).

Means to attain independence and real happiness:

To retain mental equilibrium under severe distress and tremendous happiness: As Lord Krishna says that a man should identify happiness and distress to be just like changing weather which is not everlasting and should not loose calmness of mind.(BG:2.14). In this context Prahalada Maharaja further explains that one needs to analyse that although we do not search for troubles in life yet they come, similarly, happiness also comes along on the basis of past karma so one should not waste his energies in merely searching for material happiness.

We are controlled and not Controller: As Narada Muni tells to Maharaja Yudistira, the conditioned soul is helpless,  always bound under the influence of kala(time), karma(actions) and gunas( three modes of material nature), yet he falsely tries to control the world around him(SB:1.13.46). We need to realise that it is Lord Hari who is complete and full of opulence is the Supreme Controller and we are not.
Realise one’s actual  position:  One needs to understand that we are mere servants of the Lord whose primary goal in life is not to satisfy his own senses rather invest all the energies in satisfying the senses of the Lord. As Mahaprabhu says, “Jiber svarupa haya nitye Krsna das”.  It is Lord who  is the “Purusa”, the enjoyer and we are “prakriti”, the enjoyed.

As an obedient servant we need to surrender- think, speak, act keeping Lord as the focus. We have to cultivate complete faith on his mercy and depend exclusively upon Him.  In this state of mind we are purified and released from the clutches of maya. Our soul relishes being in this position because it is originally a  tiny little part  of his absolute  form and remains attached eternally.

Hence, we conclude that Absolute Dependence on the Lord bestows us Independence from maya, and gives us a feeling of fearlessness and permanent happiness. To attain this stage, it is of foremost importance  that we render devotional service unto the lotus Feet of Lord, by hearing about His pastimes,  chanting His names as has been taught by  ever benevolent Lord Chaitnya MahaPrabhu who gave us the beautiful, Harinama. This will enable us to clean our souls and merge our consciousness in the service of Lord Shri Krsna.

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