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The Weekly Hindu Gods & Rituals For Everyday Of The Week

Hindu Gods & Ritual

In Hinduism, there is a practice of using every opportunity to bring the mind and lifestyle back to the divine. Anything and everything, including days of the week, are excuses to be worship or be mindful.

Below are common practices that devotees can choose to do if they want to pay special oblation to a certain god or deity, so that their vibration can change events or circumstances in their lives.

1.Monday (Somvar)
  • Celestial Being: This day is ruled by the celestial deity Chandra, the goddess of the moon.
  • God: Monday is dedicated to Shiva, the god of destruction.
  • Ritual: Typically, fasting from sunrise to sunset is practiced on this day. Food is only taken after evening prayers.
2.Tuesday (Mangalvar)
  • Celestial Being: Mangala, the deity of Mars, rules Tuesday.
  • God: Tuesday is dedicated to Hanuman, the monkey-god of Sri Lanka.
  • Ritual: Mangal is considered to be a trouble maker, and therefore an all day fast is undertaken in order to ward off trouble and attune to Hanuman’s strength. Fasting is also considered particularly good for those that’re trying to conceive a son.
3.Wednesday (Budhvar)
  • Celestial Being: Budh, the deity of Mercury, presides over this day.
  • God: Krishna is worshiped on Wednesday.
  • Ritual: For those who partake, fasting is practiced until the afternoon, when a single meal is taken. Wednesdays are supposedly good days to start new endeavors because Budh helps to start projects.

4.Thursday (Brihaspativar)
  • Celestial Being: Vrihaspati, the deity of Jupiter rules this day.
  • God: Lord Vishnu is often worshiped, but so is Lord Brihaspati, the Guru of the gods. Hence this day is known as “guru day” in India.
  • Ritual: Since Vishnu often wore yellow, devotees often wear yellow, offer yellow flowers, and eat foods that contain yellow. The point is to remember not only the god, but to remember his wisdom and peace.

5.Friday (Shuavar)
  • Celestial Being: Shukra is the celestial deity of Venus and rules this day.
  • God: Friday is dedicated to Shakti and her multitudes of incarnations; these include Durga and Kali.
  • Rituals: Devotees wear white and eat white food in the evening, fasting through the day. White is a representation of purity and spiritual rebirth.

6.Saturday (Shanivar)
god shani
  • Celestial Being: Shani, the deity of the Saturn rules this day.
  • God: This day is exclusively Shani’s. Shani is considered to be a deliverer of karma, and is therefore feared by many devotees.
  • Ritual: Fasting and offerings of black items- such as sesame oil- are given as sacrifice.

7.Sunday (Ravivar)
god sun , surya
  • Celestial Being: Lord Surya, the deity of the sun rules Sunday.
  • God: This day is exclusively dedicated to Surya.
  • Ritual: Devotees offer red flowers and put red taliks on their head. Sweets, fried food and and oil are avoided.

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