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Please pray for Murari Krishna Prabhu! 
E.S.Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami, September 11: 

Murari Krishna Prabhu, taken care of cows on a farm in Kazakhstan, has died from injuries after his morning hit by a car. I ask all to pray for this kind and simple-hearted Vaishnava.
Hare Krishna.

PS I Murari survived by his wife, my dear daughter, thirty cows and a lot of friends. We will all miss him very much.

Govinda Swami.
Murari Krishna Prabhu, our cowherd man at the Kazakhstan farm, died from the injuries he sustained when struck by a car this morning.
May I request you all to say a prayer for this kind, simple hearted Vaisnava.

Hare Krishna. 
Hare Krishna! Dear Vaishnavas, early this morning I received an SMS from which ached heart. Car hit Murari Krishna and he left his body. Left his cows, our Vaishnava community.

He was the personification of goodness for all farm programs, in an embrace with their favorite cows, with cherished a box designed for a donation to the cows. He never forced anyone to care for cows, just looking like he loves them and cares about them, I also like him to love these divine animals.

Therefore, never wanted to just pass him and his cows, there was always a desire to support his noble service, so the box was replenished regularly, and I also applied to a hand in a heartbeat. Wanted to do it for him, for the sake of Murari, for the sake of his love for cows, to serve, to the farm.

His guru BB Govinda Swami was pleased with his stable service, so I very much hope that the blessings of his spiritual master, he reached the monastery, where Krishna grazes his favorite cows. Dear Vaishnava, Krishna Murari, let me bring my humble obeisances. Let the guru and Krsna constantly continue to take care of you.

Gokula Ranjana Dasi. 
Hari! What a terrible news! Is our dear Krishna Murari ...!? We were neighbors with him .... He was always so kind and friendly to everyone and always helped everybody! Every time he brought prasadam on your phone with speakers and included all the Srimad Bhagavatam audio recording! He never let anyone criticize and to all concerned for a friendly! Very simple and sincere devotee! He was always very fond of cows and served them!

He is on every Sunday program deduced elegantly decorated cow and collected donations to serve them! and rolled on a cart drawn by children of the bull to the delight of all the children and their parents! so we will not miss the contact with him! May Lord Krishna and Srimati Radharani shed his grace on him and give him the opportunity to always be in the company of devotees! Let him by the grace of the Lord will return to Goloka and happily graze there spiritual surabhi cows with friends Krishna!

Krishna Maya also sends his condolences and prays for him the mercy of Radha and Krishna! Jai Sri Hari! 

By: Vrindavan Chandra Das.

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