Radha Devi - The True Story and Life of Radha Devi

Radha Devi - The True Story and Life of Radha Devi
Radha was the daughter of Vrishbhanu who was king Suchandra in his previous life. Suchandra and his wife had acquired a boon from Brahma that in the Dwapar age, the goddess Lakshmi will be born as a daughter to them in the form of Radha. King Suchendra and Queen Kalavati were reborn as Vrishbhanu and Kirtikumari and Lakshmi was incarnated as Radha.

It is said that at Radha’s birth, Narad himself went and met Vrishbhanu and informed him, “This girl’s beauty and nature is divine. All the houses, wherever her footprints are, Lord Narayan with all other deities will reside. Nurture this girl thinking her to be a Goddess.” According to Narad’s advice, Vrishbhanu nurtured Radha with great love and care. Nand who lived in the nearby village was friends with Vrishbanu. Once during the festival of Holi; Vrishbanu went to Gokul to meet Nandrai. At Nandrai and Yashoda’s house, Krishna (who was growing up as their son) met Radha. Their union was divine, phenomenal, and incessant. This meeting was Radha and Krishna’s first meeting.

The divine Goddess Sri Radha blessed this Earth by Her birth on the nuptial day of Ashtami of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha. Sri Radha Rani marks the existence of Sri Krishna, for she is his soul. Sri Krishna (to whom the trinity bows) himself bows to Sri Radha’s feet where the trinity resides. Shri Radha’s beauty, power, and aura create the ethics of love. None of the scriptures consists of the power to verbalize her beauty, for it is clear enough that when the beauty of Sri Krishna makes several hearts leave their boundaries, her beauty is so mesmerizing that it makes Him lose consciousness. Then it is practical that a thousand Kamas and Ratis are just soil particles before her. Sri Radharani is sweeter than her beauty as she reins the world of love. Hence, one who chants her name before and along with Sri Krishna, for example- ‘Sri Radhakrishna’, is sure to reach Sri Krishna’s source full Bhakti. Usually, we are told that Sri Radha rani was a Gopi who was most dear to Lord Krishna’s heart, but it is not true. In the world of Nikunj Vrindavan, she is the empress of the world of Nikunj where Gopis and Sakhis serve her selflessly. Sri Radha Rani is the soul of Radhavallabh Sampradaya. The reason and the inspiration for the existence of Radhavallabh Sampradaya is the transcendental love-filled bond of Sri Radha and Sri Krishna. The supreme existence of Sri Radha rani is believed to be the soul of Sri Krishna Himself. Sri Krishna, the trinity ruler, who himself is said to be most handsome, charming, and unbelievably brave, bows to Shri Radha’s feet. This describes how magnificently exotic and pristine is the supreme power of Sri Radha.

Radha Devi - The True Story and Life of Radha Devi
love towards Krishna in the terrestrial or customary meaning is not just the relation between a man and woman. The feeling of this love is divine and phenomenal which gives this love a pious form. The philosophical side of this reduces the distance of the support and supportive, also the difference between the worshipper and worshipful is not there. Krishna is the life of Vraj; Radha is the soul of Krishna. That is why, it is said, “Atma Tu Radhika Tasya” (Radha, you are His soul). One form of Radha is, she is a devotee, worshipper of Krishna and in the second form, she is the worshipful, devoted by Krishna. ‘Aradhyate Asau itii Radha.’ Radha – Krishna’s love is the symbol of the feeling of being united. Vrishbhanu was a partial incarnation of Vishnu while her mother Kalavati was a partial incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi.

Her worship is especially prominent in Vrindavan, the place where Krishna is said to have lived. Radha's love for Krishna is held within Gaudiya Vaishnavism as the most perfect primarily because of its endless and unconditional nature. Thus she is the most important friend of Krishna, 'His heart and soul', and His 'hladini-shakti' (mental companion potency).

In the Brihad-Gautamiya Tantra, Radha is described as follows: "The transcendental goddess Srimati Radharani is the direct counterpart of Lord Sri Krishna. She is the central figure for all the goddesses of fortune. She possesses all the attractiveness to attract the all-attractive Personality of Godhead. She is the primeval internal potency of the Lord.

Names and worship of Radha
  • Radha has many epithets describing her qualities and characteristics.
  • Radhika - This is the most common epithet, meaning she whose worship of the Krishna is all-powerful. She embodies supreme focus and mental clarity. The incarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. Beauty, intelligence, and good fortuned one.
  • Gandharva - Expert singer
  • Govinda-nandini - She who gives happiness to Govinda (Krishna)
  • Govinda-mohini - She who mystifies Govinda
  • Govinda-sarvasva - One to whom Govinda is the all-in-all, or everything.
  • Sarva-Kanta Shiromani - The crown jewel of all Krishna's consorts
  • Krishnamayi - The one who sees Krishna both within and without
  • Madan-Mohan-Mohini - Within Gaudiya tradition, Krishna (as the Supreme Person) is believed to be the enchanter of all living beings, including even Kamadeva (Madan) - The god of attraction. Because Radha has the unique position of being able to enchant even Krishna she is therefore known as Madan-Mohan-Mohini: the enchanter of the enchanter of Cupid.
  • Aradhana - The root name of Radharani, meaning one who excels in worshiping Krishna
  • Sarva-Lakshmi - The original source of all the goddesses of fortune
  • Vrshabhanu-nandini - Daughter of Vrishabanu
  • Vrshabhanu-suta - Daughter of Vrishabanu
  • Vrshabhanu-Dulari - loving daughter of Vrishabanu
  • Vrndavaneshvari - Queen of Vrindavana
  • Lalita-Sakhi - Friend of the gopi Lalita
  • Gokula-Taruni - She whom all young girls of Gokul worship
  • Damodara Rati - She who dresses herself to please Damodara (Krishna)
  • Radharani – Radha the queen
  • Radhakrishna - Krishna Himself in the form of Radha (Worship of Krishna with Radha)
  • Vrajrani - Queen of Vraj ( Krishna being the king)
  • Swamiji- The companion of Krishna
  • Karika_Mix form of Krishna and Radha; Verse; Reborn
  • Ramika_Reborn; New Face; Modern
  • Sakalepsitdaatri - She fulfills all desires of her devotees.
  • Raaseshwari - The goddess of raas (folk dance).
  • Sarveshwari - The one who is the goddess of all.
  • Raj- Rajeshwari - The goddess of god.
  • Ladali - The beloved.
  • Barsaane Wali - The one who lives at Barsaana.
  • Krishna-Priya - beloved of Lord Krishna.
  • Haridaas-Dulari - beloved of swami Haridas
One of her names, Hara (mentioned in Narada-pancaratra 5.5.59), in vocative Hare, forms a part of the Hare Krishna 'Maha-Mantra', one of the most popular Vedic mantras, especially among certain sects of Gaudiya Vaishnavas (some other sects among Gaudiya Vaishnavas explain that the word "Hare" in the mantra is the vocative form of "Hari", which is also a name of God). Radharani's names hold a place of prime importance within Gaudiya Vaishnava's religious practices.

Temples dedicated to Radha
Barsana and Vrindavan in Mathura District, Northern India contain a large number of temples dedicated to both Radha and Krishna, including the Radhavallabh Temple.

The Shree Raseshwari Radha Rani Temple at Radha Madhav Dham in Austin, Texas, USA, established by Jagadguru Shree Kripaluji Maharaj, is one of the largest Hindu temple complexes in the Western Hemisphere, and the largest in North America.

Temple Deities in India and abroad are generally named in order of Radharani first and then Krishna. Krishna is approachable through the mercy of Srimati Radharani and no one else. So for example, if one were to enter the Govindaji temple in Vrindavan the Deities are named Radha Govinda, and devotees of Krishna would pray to Radha and Govinda, not just Krishna. This is because Krishna is controlled by Radharani's love.

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