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Lord Surya
Lord Surya is the ruler of navgraha (nine planets) that rotate around him in Hindu astrology. It is also known as Bhanu, Grahapati, Bhaskar, Arka, Savita, Mitra, Pusha, Divakar, Vivasvat, Ravi and Aitya. Lord Surya is the son of Sage Kashyap and Aditi and is described as 'Aharpati' means Lord of the day and 'Jagat Chakshu' means Eye of the world. The surya rays living beings and nurture life and nourish. Thus, Lord Surya is described as 'time-giver' and 'life-giver' or 'Pranadata'.

He is the protector of the east and sanctifies his devotees with prosperity, fame and good health. Sunday is the ruling day of Lord Surya. He leads red ruby, gold and metal. Lord Surya is the leader of solar god and is one of the Adityas. He has arms and hair of gold. The celestial body is the sun and is visible in the sky. He is described as a red man with 3 eyes and 4 arms, riding into a one wheeled chariot pulled by 7 horses similar to the rainbow colors.

Lord Sun is the most powerful and majestic visible God. The Sun God has also played important role of Master Guru for many Gods, number of Devotees and Seers. In Hindu religion, symbol of Surya is considered as one of the positive signs.

In Hindu religion, the Gayatri hymn is also associated by the Lord Surya. Aditya Hridayam is another mantra associated with the son God, Surya. Shri Surya Ashtottar Shatnamavali has 108 names of Surya. Shri Surya Sahasranam is one thousand names and are describing one thousand qualities of Bhaskara. All names of Lord Surya refer to a quality of awareness.

Lord Surya is the exact source of life. According to Vedic books said that Lord Surya

is the light god. Lord Surya symbolizes the Sun God. Lord Surya is regarded as the visible type of dev. It could be seen every day. The Sun god is considered as an aspect of Vishnu and Shiva by Vaishnavas and Shaivites. Lord Surya is also known as Surya Narayana. Surya is also recognized as one of the 8 types of Lord Mahadeva, named the Astamurti. He is the wisdom and excellence devata.
Surya makes day and night, offer energy to all living beings and rids them for ailments and lethargy. He symbolizes during the day of Lord Brahma, noon at Lord Shiva and in the evening of Lord Vishnu. The Sun god is also symbolized by a golden wheel or still the open flower of a lotus. The most common symbolization is in the type of Swastika.

Lord Surya helps one gain his eyesight and second gain his surya namaskar will strengthen one's bones, wealth, long life, progeny, cure illness and good-health. Lord Surya is the reason for rain-fall advantaging the world and is the lord of Leo in the Zodiac. In zodiac, Sun occupies the most famous place in the middle. Lord Surya stays in each Rasi one month and takes twelve months to complete a circular of twelve Rasis.

Surya Deva - The Sun God - The Sun God is worshipped by people from many parts of the world .In hinduism Surya Deva , the Sun God worship is considered as very sacred. . Theres a precise form of Bowing method known as "Surya Namaskaram". I have not provided "Surya Namaskaram" here as people ignore Surya Deva devotion just because "Surya Namaskaram" is like a Yoga. SunGodSurya.com is to help every single Sai devote and Hindus realize the importance of being devoted ( thankful ) to Surya Deva.

Beauty of Surya Lokha
In Sanatana Dharma ( Hinduism ) , theres a seperate Kingdom for each God, These are called "Lokha". For Sun god , his Kingdom is known as "Surya Lokha". Many think that Surya Lokha is in same place where the Sun is. No. Surya Lokha, the place where the Sun God "Suryanar " resides is several Billion miles away from the Sun we see.

Religious role and relationships
Vivasvata (Surya) had three queens; Saranyu (also called Saraniya, Saranya, Sanjna, or Sangya), Ragyi, and Prabha. Saranyu was the mother of Vaivasvata Manu or Sraddhadeva Manu (the seventh, i.e. present Manu) and the twins Yama (the Lord of Death) and his sister Yami. She also bore him the twins known as the Ashvins, divine horsemen and physicians to the Devas. Saranyu, being unable to bear the extreme radiance of Surya, created a superficial entity from her shadow called Chhaya and instructed her to act as Surya's wife in her absence. Chhaya mothered two sons – Savarni Manu (the eighth, i.e. next Manu) and Shani (the planet Saturn), and two daughters – Tapti and Vishti. He also has a son, Revanta, or Raivata, by Ragyi.

Interestingly, Surya's two sons Shani and Yama are responsible for the judgment of human life. Shani gives us the results of one's deeds through one's life through appropriate punishments and rewards while Yama grants the results of one's deeds after death.
In Ramayana, Surya is described as father of the King Sugriva, who helped Rama and Lakshmana in defeating the demon king Ravana. He also trains Hanuman as his guru. The Suryavanshi / Suryavansha dynasty of kings, Rama being one of them, also claims descent from Surya.

In the Mahabharata, Princess Kunti receives instruction for a mantra from the sage Durvasa; by reciting which, she would be able to summon any god and bear a child by him. Incredulous of the power of this mantra, Kunti unwittingly tests it on Surya, but when Surya appears, she gets scared and requests him to go back. However, Surya has an obligation to fulfil the mantra before returning. Surya miraculously causes Kunti to bear the child immediately whilst retaining her virginity so that she, as an unmarried princess, need not face any embarrassment or be subjected to questions from society. Kunti feels compelled to abandon the child, Karna, who grows up to become one of the central characters in the great battle of Kurukshetra.

Surya, in Hinduism, both the sun and the sun god. Although in the Vedic period (2nd millennium–7th century bce) several other deities also possessed solar characteristics, most of these were merged into a single god in later Hinduism. Surya was once ranked along with Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti, and Ganesha, and many temples dedicated to him are found throughout India. These five deities are worshipped by a very important group of Brahmans (priests), the Smartas, but Surya is worshipped as the supreme deity by only a small group, the Saura sect. He is, however, invoked by most Hindus, and the Gayatri mantra, uttered daily at dawn by many Hindus, is addressed to the sun.

Surya is the mythological father of many notable sons, including Manu (progenitor of the human race), Yama (lord of death), the Ashvins (twin physicians to the gods), Karna (a great warrior of the sacred epic the Mahabharata), and Sugriva (king of the monkeys). The Puranas (collections of myths and legends) record that the weapons of the gods were forged from pieces trimmed from Surya, whose full emanation was too bright to bear. His power was conceived of as dispelling darkness, curing disease, and heating and illuminating the world. His wife, Usas—in some accounts, his mother or mistress—is the personification of dawn.

Sculptures of Surya often show him in “northern” or Scythian dress—close-fitting coat and high boots—suggesting an influence from Iranian sun cults. He is commonly represented in a chariot drawn by seven horses or by a single horse with seven heads, holding full-blown lotuses, his head surrounded by a nimbus or by rays. One of the most splendid temples dedicated to Surya is the 13th-century Surya Deul (“Sun Temple”), once called the Black Pagoda, at Konarak, in Orissa. There the whole structure is conceived as a chariot on wheels in which the sun god rides across the heavens pulled by prancing horses.

                                   Salutation to Sun God
Surya Namaskaram on Pongal :
To be born in india to parents who follow the religious traditions has been a blessing in my
Surya Namaskaram
life. Every year during January 14,15 and 16th, we used to celebrate Pongal .It is a celebration of prosperity associated with harvest by thanking goddess of Nature for blessing us with Good Rain , praying sun god surya ( Sun God ) and the farm animals that have helped in the harvest.

I have seen many of my neighbours houses they used to cook Pongal in the Gas stove. My Mother used to cook Pongal Traditionally. My father also helps my mom to make pongal which consists of Boiling rice with fresh milk, jaggery in new earthern pots,adding chasew nuts etc and boiling it over in the vessel. We used to keep 3 pots brass pots on a earthern stove and create fire with wooden pieces. So we do the real pongal and when the pongal boils and flows out my amma asks us to say "Pongalo Pongal" ..he he....Then after all the 3 pots of pongal, Ven pongal, Sakarai pongal etc is made, my dad keeps a banyan leaf ,lights the sacred lamp, makes a small ganesha with mixing tumeric powder with water and breaks coconut. This time we also look at the SUN GOD and pray for welfare of all farmers and bless us all with peace , good health, long life and prosperity.

My mothers belief in the mantra Aditya Hrudayam :
My Mother used to ask all of us in our family to recite the mantra called Aditya Hrudhayam which is the main reason i made this website. In this fast world people dont have much time and interest to do proper surya Namaskar ( bowing to sun god surya ). So i felt its good if i atleast spread the value of sun god surya ( sun god ) worship, people can bow their head to sun god surya every morning at their house or when they go out of house atleast have a look at surya and thank him mentally and bow to the Sun God with the following mantra
                                        "Aadhitya Hrudhaya Punyam
                                          Sarva Sathru Vinaasanam
                                         Jayaavaham Jabe nithyam
                                         Akshayam Paramam Shivam"

In the room i stay , i am not able to see Sun from windows or door or balcony and i also have to run to office in morning. So when ever i see the first glimpse of Sun, i bow my head and in my mind , i chant the above mantra. I agree that the real benefit of such mantra is gained only when a proper surya namaskaram is done but my intention is to make as many devoted people as possible to develop their love for Sun God Worship and be blessed.

We hindus travel and settle in different parts of the world and in our own country people are forgetting the value of traditional worship. This is a small effort to help people realize that Sun being the ruler of all planets , when we have any sufferings in life due to inauspicious position of planets, if we worship sun god , surely it will be a blessing. Let us understand that a Simple Namaskar folding hands in front of Sun makes sun god surya happya and we will be blessed with peaceful life.

Please practice Aditya Hrudhayam :
If you have time, please practice to Read the below Mantra "Adhitya Hrudhayam" which is dictated by Sage Agasthiya to Lord Rama in the Battle field.

Aditya Hrudayam
1. Thatho yuddha parishraantam samare chintayaa sthitam
Raavanam chaagrato drishtvaa yuddhaaya samupasthitam

2. Daivataishcha samaagamya drashtu mabhyaagato ranam
Upaagamyaabraveed raamam agastyo bhagavaan rishihee

3. Raama Raama mahaa baaho shrunu guhyam sanaatanam
Yena sarvaanareen vatsa samare vijayishyasi

4. Aaditya Hridayam punyam sarva shatru vinaashanam
Jayaavaham japennityam akshayyam paramam shivam

5. Sarva mangala maangalyam sarva paapa pranaashanam
Chintaa shoka prashamanam ayur vardhanamuttamam

6. Rashmi mantam samudyantam devaasura namaskritam
Poojayasva vivasvantam bhaaskaram bhuvaneshvaram

7. Sarva devaatmako hyeshaha tejasvee rashmi bhaavanaha
Esha devaasura ganaan lokaan paati gabhastibhih

8. Esha brahmaa cha vishnuscha shivah skandah prajaapatih
Mahendro dhanadah kaalo yamassomo hyappam patih

9. Pitaro vasavassaadhyaa hyashvinou maruto manuh
Vaayur vahnih prajaah praana ritukartaa prabhaakaraha

10. Aadityassavitaa sooryah khagah pooshaa gabhastimaan
Suvarna sadrisho bhaanur hiranyaretaa divaakaraha

11. Haridashwah sahasraarchih sapta saptir mareechimaan
Timironmathanah shambhuh stvashtaa maartanda amshumaan

12. Hiranya garbhah shishirah tapano bhaaskaro ravih
Agni garbhoditeh putrah shankhah shishira naashanah

13. Vyoma naathah stamo bhedee rig yajussaama paaragah
Ghana vrishti rapaam mitro vindhya veethee plavagamah

14. Aatapee mandalee mrityuh pingalah sarva taapanah
Kavir vishwo mahaa tejaa raktassarva bhavod bhavah

15. Nakshatra graha taaraanaam adhipo vishva bhaavanah
Tejasaamapi tejasvee dvaadashaatman namostute

16. Namah poorvaaya giraye paschimaayaadraye namah
Jyotirganaanaam pataye dinaadhipataye namaha

17. Jayaaya jaya bhadraaya haryashvaaya namo namaha
Namo namah sahasraamsho aadityaaya namo namaha

18. Nama ugraaya veeraaya saarangaaya namo namaha
Namah padma prabodhaaya maartaandaaya namo namaha

19. Brahmeshaanaachyuteshaaya sooryaayaaditya varchase
Bhaasvate sarva bhakshaaya roudraaya vapushe namah

20. Tamoghnaaya himaghnaaya shatrughnaaya mitaatmane
Kritaghaghnaaya devaaya jyotishaam pataye namaha

21. Tapta chaameekaraabhaaya vahnaye vishwa karmane
Namastamobhi nighnaaya ruchaye loka saakshine

22. Naashayatyesha vai bhootam tadeva srijati prabhuh
Paayatyesha tapatyesha varshatyesha gabhastibhih

23. Esha supteshu jaagarti bhooteshu pari nishthitah
Esha chaivaagni hotrancha phalam chivaagni hotrinaam

24. Vedaashcha kratavashchaiva kratoonaam phalameva cha
Yaani krityaani lokeshu sarva esha ravih prabhuh

25. Enam aapatsu krichchreshu kaantaareshu bhayeshu cha
Keertayan purushah kashchin naavaseedati raaghava

26. Poojayasvaina mekaagro deva devam jagatpatim
Etat trigunitam japtvaa yuddheshu vijayishyasi

27. Asmin kshane mahaa baaho raavanam tvam vadhishyasi
Evamuktvaa tadaagastyo jagaama cha yathaagatam

28. Etachchrutvaa mahaa tejaa nashta shoko bhavattadaa
Dhaarayaamaasa supreeto raghavah prayataatmavaan

29. Aadityam prekshya japtvaa tu param harshamavaaptavaan
Triraachamya shuchir bhootvaa dhanu raadaaya veeryavaan

30. Raavanam prekshya hirshtaatmaa yuddhaaya samupaagamatu
Sarva yatnena mahataa vadhe tasya dhrito bhavatu
Atha ravi ravadannirikshya raamam
mudita manaah paramam prahrishyamaanah
Nishi chara pati samkshayam viditvaa
suragana madhyagato vachastvareti

Surya Deva bless you with all peace, good health , good name and prosperity in life

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