Sage Atri was one of the ten Maanas Putra (brainchild) of Brahma and one of the Saptarishis, the seven great sages. He was also a teacher of Ayurveda and father of Aatreya. His wife was Sati Anasuya, sister of Sage Kapila. As a boon from Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, she had Chandra, Dhattatreya and Durvasa as kids. Sage Atri was father of Sage Atteya Punarvasu, who was teacher of Caraka. Sage Atri was teacher of Ayurveda.

As per Ramayan’s Aranyakanda, Lord Rama along Sita Devi and Lakshman visited Atri muni and Sati Anasuya, wife of Atri gave a discourse on duties of wife to Sita Devi. 

He had a close connection with Mahabharatha. We all know that Drona was made the head of the Kaurava army after Bhisma's fall. Dronacharya fought ferociously. The wounded and the dead soldiers was thousands. Their cry of pain rented the skies. Blood flowed on the battle field. Dead bodies got piled up and provided the food for the birds of prey. In this carnage which went beyond all human estimation, Drona stood like a mad hero of demonic proportion.
Sage Atri was very much worried of this because if Drona continued this he would cause destruction and human misery beyond proportions, Atri and Gowthama came to the battle field along with their five of their companions. It was at this time Dharmaraja had shouted at the instance of Sri Krishna saying that Ashwathama was killed. This put Drona off completely. He lost all hope in his life. He became mad with anger. This sent danger signal all around. Sage Atri felt sad for him and talked to him in a friendly manner, consoling him, Dear friend, all along you have done everything against Dharma. This war you are engaged in is the best proof. It is enough and stop it. Stop this carnage. You are a good man. This act is not in tune with your status. You are a scholar of Vedanta par excellence. You have been a Brahman and you have got to practice dharma. This cruel act does not befit you. Give up your weapons, fix your mind in our glorious Sanathana Dharma. I am sorry, you have wielded the most terrible Brahmastra on the innocent soldiers! Put an end to your meaningless killing.

When Atri said that Dronacharya decided to give up his arms and stop killing. He drove away his anger jealousy and sense of revenge and his heart became pure. He sat in a yogic posture and started to meditate amidst the cries of pain, killing, flow of blood on the battle field. He concentrated on Lord Vishnu and closed his eyes and never opened them again until he left his body and started his journey towards the lord. Hence Sage Atri's kind nature helped to save man.

Lord Brahma’s ‘Manasa Putra’ (Mind-born son), Sage Atri performed a
very powerful Sacrifice to Bhagavan Siva to bless a divinely son. The severity of the penance was such that the extreme heat from the Fire pit radiated all over the World and Devas approached Lord Brahma who along with Lord Vishnu conferred with Bhagavan Siva. They agreed with each other that they would all appear before Atri and blessed him to let Anasuya Devi ( Atri’s wife- a highly pious and chaste woman) conceive three boys, with the ‘Amsas’ ( partial manifestations) of all the three; from Brahma’s ‘amsa’ would emerge Chandra; Dattatreya as the manifestation of Maha Vishnu and Durvasa from Lord Siva. Indeed Anasuya (literally meaning Unenvious) had the unique distinction in the entire World of begetting three children with the ‘amsas’ of Tri Murtis!

Saint Atri is counted among the main Saints according to Hindu mythology. He was a great poet and scholar. Saint Atri was one of the nine Prajapatis and was Lord Brahma’s human son. Atri is also considered to be a Hindu family and people born in this family (gotra) are considered to be Saint Atri’s descendants. Many ancient texts talk about him. Rigveda has ten mandals and the fifth mandal has been written by Saint Atri. Hence, it is also known as the Atriya mandal.

Rishi Atri Story
Saint Atri was a human son of Lord Brahma who originated from Lord Brahma’s eyes. He was a father to Som who also originated from his eyes. Saint Atri married Anusuiya who was a daughter to Kardam. He offered austerities along with his wife on Riksha parvat to be blessed with a son. He was blessed with three sons who were part of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. These were Datta, Durvasa and Som.

According to a Legend, Saint Atri and Anusuiya were spending their married life with a lot of simplicity. Devi Anusuiya was fully devoted towards her husband. Even all Devas were happy seeing her devotion. Once Devi Saraswati, Laxmi and Parvati ask Lord Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma to test her devotion.

Listening to this, The Lords went to Anusuiya’s asylum and ask for bhiksha. They disguise themselves as Saints. There was one condition which sais that Anusuiya has to give bhiksha without wearing any clothes. Anusuiya was perplexed as not giving bhiksha would have been wrong. Giving it without clothes would have not been fair to her husband. She asked the Saint to take bhiksha as children and disguised them as children by sprinkling some water.

The Tridev started living in her asylum from then onwards and Anusuiya treated them as her own children. When the Devis got to know about this, they went to Anusuiya’s asylum and asked for forgiveness.

Anusuiya changed the children to Tridevs after taking permission from Saint Atri. The Tridev blessed them with three children who were their parts and were Dattatreya, Durvasa and Som.

Sage Atri – Vedic Forteller
Saint Atri has been believed to be a scholar of mantras. Many Vedic texts talk about him. He has also been called a scholar of knowledge, character, devotion, austerity, mantras etc.

Rishi Atri And Lord Ram  
Lord Ram visited Saint Atri’s and Anusuiya’s asylum because he was impressed by their devotion. Anusuiya even suggested Sita ji to fast for her husband. They also provided Lord Ram and Sita ji with clothes and ornaments. Saint Atri lived a simple life in the forests of Chitrakoot.

Rishi Atri Biography
It is believed that Saint Atri was blessed by Ashvinikumars. There is a stroy famous about this belief. Once Saint Atri was offering austerities and some demons tried to burn him. Saint Atri because of offering austerities at that time didnt realize this. At that time, Ashvinikumar saved him from the demons. This stroy has also been mentioned in the first mandal of Rigveda. The tenth mandal of Rigveda talks about Saint Atri’s principles and his youth which was provided by Ashvinikumars.

The fifth mandal of Rigveda mentions the names of various sons of Saint Atri like Vasuyu and Saptavadhri. Saint Atri educated Alark, Prahalad etc. Some of his works are Atriya mandal, Kalyan Sukta and Svasti Sukta. Saint Atri was a great scholar of knowledge, austerity etc.


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