LIFE - Happy and Sad

 Every human  tries to live in happiness and tries to avoid sadness from his life.  But  unforunally it will not happen in the practicle life. Happiness will not happen in this practicle life. Happiness will go away and sadness will come to have it in the  life,  in reality the happiness or sadness  are the results  of our own karmas, we deed in the past and every one has to undergo happy sad face.  But suprisingly the human  gives  credit  to him self  for his happiness; for sadness he held responisible some one else.   sad is the result of own bad karmas (sin) whereas the  Happiness is the result of  good karmas(punya).

Happy and Sadness
Every human being has to  observe his happy or sad results considering  his  past karmas.  And this should be observed or completed in this life span only. Some times we see that some people will enjoy the happiness, even they are induged in many of bad karmas in their life.  The  reason  is that every one has to observe his results of good or bad (karmas) deeds depending on the result giving capacity or time period  of that particular deed,  assume  100 years. But the life span of  that person is only 60 years. So he can’t observe  the bad result of that karma  in this life,  so he will enjoy happiness only upto the  end of life, even he comitts bad karmas (sin) in  present life. So in this life span if he deeds only good thigs then also he has to under go his bad results or sadness of karmas his  past  life  span which he deed. The  common man do not reconsile  this situation regardig results of past karmas (past life) with present life span and he gets confused. Here he may confused about why should he observe the result of the karmas in his past life, in this present life span. The answer  is  every  one has to must and must  observe  the results of his karmas eighter happy or in sad in present life spon or in future life span also.Sadness
When you enjoy the happy period, your count of good karmas will decrease, where as enjoying the sad period, the bad karma  count decreases.

It is observed that enjoying the happy period the people become insolent, arroganst and they insult others. These acts, deeds will results in decrease of  good karmas virtues count. And when his count of Good karmas ends he will have to undergo the result of his bad karmas. Surprisingly it is noticed that, the person obsereving  the “sad period”  will automatiely becomes polite respect full  to others. this will reduses his sins count and later we will observe or enjoy  the good virtue. This is the principle of why one enjoy the good virtue or happiness and sadness To increase the good virtue count one should behave  in a polite manner, behave with nature,  no bother about sad period, keep qualm  and wait for good time to come worship your favorate “GOD”  more and more.

“ Remembrance of god” is the best way to increase the good karma count. And enjoying the happiness in life

Saint Dnyaneshwer Maharaj  says.

II Sarva sukhi sarva bhutee samprna hoije II

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