What is Gow Pooja - Cow worship


What is Gow Pooja?
In all of our scriptures the divinity of the cow has been emphasized. According to holy, books it is said that the cow is called Vishwa Maata. It is written that the soul of Sanatan Dharma is the sacred word ‘OM’ and the praan or vital life force of our religion is the cow. The following are ingredients derived from the cow which are essential to perform pooja:-
  1.  Ghee
  2.  Goobar
  3. Milk
  4. Googul
There is a mantra from the Mahaa Bhaarat which states:
Maatraha Sarva Bhootanaag Gaawaha Sarva Sukha Pradahaa. Yayaa Sarva Midang Vyaaptang Jagat Sthaavar Jangam. Taang Dhaynung Shirsaa Vanday Bhut bhavya sya Maataram.
Meaning: I bow to that Mother who blesses us in the three times -past, present and future. I put my forehead on the feet of the cow and pay obeisance and by so doing I am gaining the blessings of worshipping all the Devataas and visiting all pilgrimage places.
Worship of the cow is must for all Hindus!
The scriptures state that present in the cow are all the devataas and the holy places, so by worshiping the cow we worship all the devataas and all holy places. This is why worship of the cow is so important.  Just to mention a few of devataas present in the cow- on the head of the cow resides Brahma, on the forehead Lord Shiva, on the horns Vishnu Bhagwan, on the neck Agin Devataa, on the back beginning of the tail is present  all the pitries, Sarva Deva Mayee Gow (all devataas are present in the cow)

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