Lord Yama - Brief description about Lord Yama or Yamraj is referred to as the god of death

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In Hindu mythology, Lord Yama or Yamraj is referred to as the god of death. The word Yama stands for twin brother and Lord Yama is Son of Lord Surya and Sanjana. Yama is also known as the lord of justice and is sometimes referred to as Dharma, in reference to his reliable devotion to sustain order and obedience to synchronization. In the Upanishad, Lord Yama is depicted as a teacher and is father of Yudhisthir, the eldest brother among five Pandavas. It is believed that lord Yama is incarnated as Vidura in the Mahabharata period. Lord Yama is the definitive controllers of lord Shiva and lord Vishnu. 

Lord Yama is revealed with a depressing look with an impressive crown on his head. He holds a mace in his one hand, and a rope in the other. He uses rope to pull down soul from dead body. He gives punishment as life of punishment to the living beings according to the Karma. The Vahana of Lord Yama is a black water buffalo and guardian of south direction.

Yama is one who restrains, who curbs, who controls. He was the first of men to die and to depart to the celestial world. He is the god of the dead and so the spirits of the departed dwell with him. He has two very fierce dogs, with four eyes and wide nostrils, which guard the path of the departed souls leading to Yama's kingdom.

In the mythological literature he is described as the god of death and the judge, Dharmaraja, meting out re-wards and punishments to the souls of the dead brought to him. In this he is ably assisted by Citragupta, the recorder.

He is the ruler of the southern quarter, is green in colour, wears red garments, has a mighty mace and noose, and rides a he-buffalo.


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