Study Shows, Hindus Have Lowest Divorce Rate and Highest Education Level in America

Obama greets American-Hindu professionals on Diwali
Nevada, US (RESURGENCE WORLD) – According to the U.S. Religious Landscape Survey, of American adults, Hindus top the list when it comes to education in America compared to any other religious group. The well-known Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life posted the survey on its website.

Fourty-eight per cent of Hindus have post-graduate degrees, followed by 35 percent of Jews who are in second place according to the survey taken. The survey also shows that Hindus have the second highest incomes in the U.S., just after the Jewish population. Fourty-three percent of Hindus earn a $100,000 plus income compared to the Jewish who make up 46 percent of the population earning over $100,000.

Hindu statesman, Rajan Zed, made a recent statement praising and congratulating Hindus in America for living up to traditional values of hard work, higher education, higher morals, and sanctity of marriage, amidst the pressure to adapt both lifestyles of the east and west.

Zed who is President of the Universal Society of Hinduism advised Hindus to focus on inner search, to explore the Hindu scriptures for a path, to help make spirituality a more attractive option to children, to stay away from greed and to constantly keep god in their life.

The survey also indicates that Hindus rate highest in marriages with 79 percent married, followed by Mormons who are at 71%. The national total of marriage is 6 percent.
According to the survey, 62 percent of Hindus say daily prayers of which 32 percent are living in the south and the other 30 percent in the Northeast.

By Antony Thomas

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