Prithvi mudra - Prithvi Vardhak

Prithvi Vardhak
Popularly known as Prithvi mudra, this mudra increases the Prithvi (earth) element within the body. At the same time, it decreases the Agni (fire) element. Therefore, it can also be called Agni-shaamak mudra.

Method: This mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the ring finger and the thumb.

Effects : Prithvi-vardhak mudra increases the Prithvi (earth) element within the body but decreases the Agni (fire) element within the body.The element earth is a vital component of bodily tissues like bones, cartilage, skin, hair, nails, flesh, muscles, tendons, internal organs, etc. Practice of Prithvi-vardhak mudra builds and invigorates these tissues. In other words, this mudra increases vitality, strength and endurance. The element earth is also associated with the nose (smell). Therefore, Prithvi-vardhak mudra can be used to overcome nasal disorders (e.g., loss of sense of smell). The element earth is also a component of the bodily humor kapha. Practice of Prithvi-vardhak mudra increases the kapha humor within the body. Therefore, this mudra can be used to overcome disorders caused by kapha deficiency. However, it should be practised in moderation by people who already have an excess of kapha in their bodies. The element Agni (fire) is concerned with body-temperature and metabolism. Since Prithvi-vardhak (= Agni-shaamak) mudra reduces fire, it can be used to pacify an overactive Agni and overcome disorders of Agni-excess like emaciation, fever, inflammation, etc. The element fire is also a component of bodily humor Pitta. Therefore, Prithvi-vardhak (= Agni-shaamak) mudra is an excellent mudra for people with a pronounced Pitta constitution. They can regularly use this mudra even to avoid illness.

Benefits of  Prithvi-vardhak mudra:
> Chronic fatigue, general debility, convalescence
> Lack of stamina or endurance 
> Inexplicable weight-loss, emaciation 
> Osteoporosis osteomalacia (diminished bone-density), rickets, 
> Fracture (to expedite union)
> Degeneration of articular cartilage (Osteo-Arthritis)
> Weak, atrophied muscles, myopathies, 
> Paresis, paralysis, poliomyelitis
> Dry, cracked, burning, mature skin
> Skin-rashes, urticaria
> Brittle nails
> Hair-loss, premature greying of hair
> Burning in eyes, stomach (acidity), urine, anus, hands, feet, head
> Aphthous ulcers in the mouth
> Ulcers in the stomach, intestines
> Inflammatory diseases (diseases names end with 'itis')
> Jaundice
> Fever
> Hyperthyroidism.

Duration : 30 to 45 minutes every day, either at one stretch or in 3 parts (i.e., for 10 to 15 minutes, thrice a day). However, people with kapha deficiency can do it even for longer periods.

Ideal time : Though Prithvi-vardhak mudra can be performed at anytime of the day

Precaution : People with a pronounced kapha constitution should perform this mudra in moderation, if at all.


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