Lord Shiva Temples of Kerala

Most of the Kerala shiva temples based on the shudda puja concept. Lord shiva can be worshipped in three different ways (Ref: Sivachana Chadrika of Appayya Dikshita):
  1. shudda puja - In this, shivalinga alone as the Lord who permeates everything is worshipped.
  2. Second is to worship Lord shiva along with shakti, as the two inseparable forms of the same Supreme.
  3. Third is to worship the Lord surrounded by different avaraNa devatas.
Most of the Kerala temples have only the sanctum where Lord is in the form of shivalinga. This is the most ancient form of worship and could be seen in some of the ancient north India temples too. (It is however disturbing to note that off late this whole concept is getting spoilt due to a lot of new prathishtas. The simple elegance of the Shuddha Shivalinga worship of the state should not be lost in the zeal to develop the temples!!)

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