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Lord Krishna & Balaram with sacred Cows and his friends
Protect India from crisis- Save the cow and Save Yourself
Anuradha Palla,
Reserch Scholor,
Andhra University
Ever since the human civilization, man start depending on the cattle for cultivation, milch, woolen etc. Among the cattle cow gained lot of importance in the history because as per the Hindu mythology It is said that 33 crores God and Goddess exists in her. So Hindus consider cow as sacred and holy. They worship cow as the incorination of God. It is a useful animal stands for the symbol of purity and innocence. It is useful in all ways to humanity. Such an innocent, useful animal is been slaughtered by the human being for their selfishness.
It is said by Mahatma Gandhi:
“Cow Slaughter and manslaughter are in my opinion the two sides of same coin”
Indians revolted against the British in 1857 regarding the greased cartridges whose head to be bitten off, before loading into the newly introduced Enfield riffle, was made from beef or fat. Introduction of new cartridges hurt the religious feelings of the soldiers and this event paved the path for the India’s independence. In the other way we can say that it is because of killing the cow and the usage of its fat and beef. The idea of revolt or revolution came into the minds of Indians. In one way we can say that the cow beef is the reason for revolt or the revolution.

Killing the cow is like killing the humanity:
India has the largest number of live stock, representing about 17% of the world population. Out of the present 450 million heads of live stock, cattle represent 43.11% (i.e. 194 Million) .

Cow slaughter in India: During the British era under the governance of Clive the first Slaughter house started in India, where daily thousands of cows were slaughtered .In the Year 1910 the slaughter house numbers increased to 350. At the time of independence it increased to 36000. It is estimated that on an average nearly 1 lakh cows were been sent to Slaughter house in a day.

Cow dung and agriculture:
Cow dung can be used as good manure a for cultivation. By using one Cow’s dung in 1 year 80 tones of vermi compost can be prepared. In general each Kg of vermin compost is available in the market at the rate of 4 to 6 rupees per kg having good demand. Gobar compost consist of nitrogen 0.5-1.5%, phosphorus 0.5-0.9%potassium 1.2-1.4%.This is equal to chemical fertilizers. Hence it is proved that cow dung compost value is not less than the chemical fertilizers. Use of chemicals fertilizers leads to soil degradation and loss of fertility of the soil. By using cow dung we can increase the fertility of soil, and can increase the production of crops. Many successful stories are there in India. The best example is Warangal district in Andhra Pradesh. Where thousands of farmers are cultivating their farms by using vermi culture. As we all know suicides of farmers were more in A.P. by using vermi culture Warangal District farmers have over come from suicides. They say that cow based compose is the best fertilizer for cultivating the crops and by using this manure they are getting good productivity.
For Example: Earlier for one acre of land total expenses were Rs. 20,000/- and used to get Rs. 25,000/- yield at the maximum side which include maximum number of risks. Later by using cow dung and urine based compost, sprinkles and by use of bulls the expenses came down to Rs. 8000/- per acre. And they are getting the same productivity. They are preparing panchagavyas, Jeevamritams, Amrutjalam, Vermiwash, etc. for better cultivation which is made by cow dung and urine.

Cow dung and Soil fertility:
In Thretha yugh and Dwapara yugh the cultivation of crops were been done by using only cow dung based manure and the fertility of the soil was very good. As the generation passed on there was a change in the man. But the land remained the same. Ever since the urbanization has started in country man for his selfishness started involved foreign culture even in Cultivation. They launched the chemicals fertilisers companies in the country and with the Use of chemical fertilizers the fertility of the soil got reduced. In order to increase the fertility of the soil, cow dung and urine based manure should be used to increase the fertility of the soil.

Cow and its Magnanimity:
Cow is the symbol of innocence and purity it has a great sacrificing nature. It gives and gives even when it is alive and gives after death. That is why it is known for it magnanimity. No, animal or human being so useful on this earth as much as cow. God has created an organism on this earth to save and serve the human beings. But man has forgotten God and his great creation he is killing cow and it is like killing the humanity.
Cow dung can be used in preparing mosquito coils, Distemper, Bath soaps, face pack, dhoop sticks, cow dung cakes religious rituals, tooth powder, toys flowerpots, paper, tiles can be prepared.

Cow Urine:
Cow urine is used as medicine in curing many diseases. Because it contains chemicals like Nitrogen, Sulpher, Ammonia, Copper, Iron, etc., helps in curing the diseases like blood abnormalities and toxins, natural stimulant of urinary track, activates kidneys and it is divretic motion in large intestines, cleanses blood, stabilizes bile, and stabilizes blood formation, controls built up of unwanted fats. Maintains balance and helps in production of red blood cells and hemoglobin. It is even useful in curing diseases like cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, joint pains, cough, sinus, kidney stones etc can be cured.
Some of the medicines prepared from cow urine are ark, ghanwati, eye drops, ear drops, balm etc. some of the products like phenyls, blue, hand wash, glass cleaner are also prepared by using cow urine.

Cow dung and Paper:
As the cow dung contains fiber in it paper can be made with cow dung. Paper from cow dung was made successfully in the year 2007 only and got its recognisition from International Kamdhenu Ahimsa University. But due to lack of financial support it is unable to launch an Industry. In Australia and in Thailand Paper is prepared from Kangaroo dung and elephant dung. We all know about the numbers of Kangaroo and Elephant in the universe. When compared to cow heads the numbers of elephant and kangaroo is not more than 1%. If the government or Non Governmental organisation gives adequate support, we can easily start the manufacturing of paper from cow dung. In the initial stage it will start with small scale production in make greeting cards, visiting cards, hand bags etc from cow dung. On one hand our farmers will get benefited by selling the dung and on the other side we are conserving the forests. The best thing is that this industry will not require much funding. If we get the financial support any source we will prove that it is not “GOBAR but it is GOVAR”. Every goshala should start reserch on the usage of cow dung and urine.

Cow and milk:
It is scientifically proved that cow milk is one of the best nutritious foods and it is easily digested with in two hours. It is used as ‘Ksheeram’ in temples. It can substitute a mother’s milk. It is used in panchamritam in any auspicious occasions. Sweets, Ghee, curd can be prepared by using cow milk. There is a lot of demand for ghee and cow milk in the market. But as there is scarcity of cow’s people are unable to get the cow ghee and milk.

Cow is sacred. It is very useful. It can same the man kind in serving as manure to soil, mother to children’s, it saved the lives of farmers by helping them in using vermin compost. It can also solve the problem of deforestation in producing paper from cow dung. It also helps in curing the diseases of human beings and serving cow urine as medicine. What else we want? and more we expect …. It is such an important organism as this earth creator has created a kamadhenu magnanimous cow. If we stop killing the cow and start protecting the cow, our country will be developed man’s life expectancy may go up if he uses the medicines made by cow urine based and if we start consuming cow milk and curd we can get rid of few diseases. So in my view if you protect cow it is like protecting yourself. If you kill the cow it is like killing the humanity.


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