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ANDHRA PRADESH: Karimnagar District Lord Shiva Temples

  • Karimnagar Dt.
    • Chebrole - Chaturmukh Brahma lingEshwarar. (15-km. from Guntor)
    • Elgandal quilA - neelakantaswAmy. (10-km. from Karimnagar).
    • nignUr - Ishwara temple. near karimnagar.

  • Dharmapuri Mandal
    • Dharmapuri - Sri Akkapally Raja Rajeshwara swamy Temple
    • dharampuri - gautameshvara
    • dharampuri - rAmalingeshvara

  • Gollapally Mandal
    • Mallannapet - Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Temple

  • Jagitial Mandal
    • Polasa - Sri Poulastheeshwaraswamy Temple; The modern Polasa town was called Poulasteeswarapuram in the past. It was also called Rishipallai, due to dwelling of hermits in large numbers. Once a rare Sivalinga was found here and a suitable Aalaya was built later with the donations of the Philanthropic public; This lies in the little town of Polasa, about 6 km to Jagaityala town in the Karimnagar district. near dharampuri.

  • Jammikunta Mandal
    • Jammikunta - Sri Visheswara Swamy Temple

  • Mahadevpur Mandal
    • Kaleshwaram - Sri Kaleshwara Muktheeshwara Swamy Temple; It lies on the southern bank of Godavari and moreover Pranahita, a tributary joins Godavari here and hence deemed very sacred and called Dakshina Kasi. Another plus point it claims is - it is at the confluence of three states - Andhra, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. One, two Sivalingas - Kaleswaralinga and Mukteeswaralinga are installed on one and the same Panavatta; it is a rare feature; two, there are two holes on the Mukteeswaralinga that could never be filled with whatever quantity of water poured into them; three, there are some signs of Buddhist traditions in this Sivalaya and finally it is believed that there is an underground passage that takes the water to Godavari. Kaleeswaralinga receives agrapuja always. It lies about 30 km off Manthana in Karimnagar district; It lies about 30 km off Manthana in Karimnagar district.

  • Mallapur Mandal
    • V.V. Raopet - Sri Ganga Gowriswara Swamy Temple

  • Manthani (Manthini) Mandal
    • Manthani - Sri Gowthameshwara Swamy Temple; It lies in Manthini town, at a distance of 60 km to Karimnagar.
    • manthani - bhikshEswarar, near karimnagar
    • manthani - OmkArEswarar, near karimnagar
    • manthani - sheelEswarar, near karimnagar (sheelEswarar and siddhEswarar temples in one compound; but separatly vimAnAs)
    • manthani - siddhEswarar, near karimnagar (siddhEswarar and sheelEswarar temples in one compound; but separatly vimAnAs)

  • Odela Mandal
    • Odela - Sri Mallikarjuna Swamy Devasthanam

  • Raikal Mandal
    • Kothapeta - Sri Rajarajaeswara Nagalayam

  • Sarangapur Mandal
    • Pembatla - Sri Dubba Rajeshwara Swamy Temple

  • Velgatoor Mandal
    • Kotilingala - Sri Koteshwara Swamy Temple

  • Vemulawada Mandal
    • Vemulawada - Sri Raja Rajeswara Swamy Devasthanam; It lies in the little town of Vemulavada at a distance of 25 km to Karimnagar.
    • vemulawada - rAjarAjeshvara, kEdhArEshvara, nAgEshvara, bhImEshvara, kAsi vishvanAtha.

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