Natarajasana: Lord Nataraja Pose

Natarajasana: Lord Nataraja Pose
Meaning of word 'Nataraj' is 'The Lord of Dancing'. Lord Shiva is believed to be the Nataraj. In fact the Natarajanasan is believed to be of difficult type of Yoga Postures. But it can be done properly after doing initial practice.

Yoga is one of the most useful and widely practiced set of physical exercises. These postures provide extreme stretches to the human body. It has been originated in India. Doing of yoga postures is famous for its spiritual touch. It is one of the six schools of Hindu philosophy, but now a day it is practiced all over the world. Some use it as exercises for remaining physically healthy. Some of them practice the postures for spiritual reasons. The Dance Pose, Lord Nataraja Pose, originally uploaded by stankayoga.

How to Do Dance Pose
Natarajasana: Lord Nataraja PoseAt the start of many postures, it is advisable to stand straight. That posture is called Tadasana. Doing Dance Pose, do stand straight in beginning.

Take hold of your right foot with your right hand from back side. Ensure that the weight of the whole body is transferred on the left foot and the left leg is in straight position.

After taking right foot in your right paw firmly, you should try it stretching upward until it reaches at the level of your head.

Finally stretch your left hand straight parallel to the floor. Here the Dance pose is complete.However these pose are done with certain alterations in the pose, too. One can take the hold of the right foot with both the hands and drag it above the level of head.

Natraja Asana-King of Dance PoseThis pose can be repeated by raising another foot to the level of head. Bottom of the foot would be touching head in this case, as head would be tilted backward.

Benefits of Doing Dance Pose
As it is a posture balancing the whole body on one foot, it generates a feel of balance in the mind of the person doing it. This makes a difference in the life and thinking of the person who practices it regularly.
It stretches all the muscles of Shoulders, thighs and calves.
The knees, ankles and hips get adequate exercise. So it would be beneficial in curing the pain in hip joints, too.
The area of chest and abdomen is fully stretches along with the spine. In all the Dance Pose provide adequate exercise to the whole body.

Physical Benefits of Doing Yoga Postures

Yoga poses help in building up and maintaining general fitness of your body. It channelizes our existing energy in the most natural way; it sets in motion the energy that is lying idle. Regular practicing of yoga poses would dramatically improve the flexibility of your muscles. Each asana is devised to generate certain level of stretch to a specific muscle or limb. Yoga poses would make your body looking shapely and fit. People would start noticing positive change in your shape and physical fitness.

Mental Benefits of Doing Yoga Postures
Yoga postures help removing toxins from our body. In turn it helps reducing mental stress and calming down the level of anxiety. These processes ultimately increase our capability to concentrate and focus on our routine works.

Remedial Benefits of Doing Yoga Postures
These postures are formulated to keep our body in general status of health. However it helps in curing certain irregularities caused in functioning of our body of restoring the natural balance. Thus it has curative value, too.

The most important restorative benefit we would get from yoga posture is reduction of the level of fat in our body. In present era where people do less physical work, most of us face the problem of obesity. Yoga exercises help us burning the extra fat we pile up on our belly, thighs and buttocks.

While we do any asana, the flow of blood in our body increases giving a work out to our cardiovascular system. It tones up every limb, especially the parts that hardly get proper exercise during our routine life. Many yoga postures are devised to help increasing a flow of blood in head. This helps in improving our memory power.

Spiritual Aspect of Doing Yoga Postures
Yoga is not only a set of rules describing only the physical exercises and mental peace. Asana is one of the eight limbs of Astang Yoga, which is a system to make us spiritually enlightened. If we practice yoga therapies, along with other activities attached with Astang Yoga, it would make us feeling the bliss. Bliss is the state of our mind that we all are entitled to enjoy. Yoga system helps us being capable to experience the bliss, the ultimate pleasure a human being can go through.


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