Vrischika Asana - Scorpion Pose

Scorpion Pose

The Scorpion Pose
Vrischika, a Sanskrit word, means ‘scorpion’. While doing this asana, the postures of our body looks like a scorpion. Thus it is named so.

While doing this asana, you are to kneel. Then let your body be in a forward leaning posture. Simply put your forearms and elbows just on the floor, in flat position. Ensure that the palms are facing the floor. Keep distance between arms as per the size of your shoulder.

Thereafter get you head a bit forward, keeping it lifted in high position. Then slowly try raising both the buttocks. Do as per the strength of your body. Then you get your feet on the bottom of your toes. Hold it for a while.

Now take the breath inside and try to swing both the legs upwards. To get you body straightened in upward position you can wait. Meanwhile keep your body in balance.
Now start bending your knees, and drop the legs in the direction of your head. You are not to hurry at any stage. If you feel exhausted or uncomfortable, you can take some rest.

When the bottoms of you feet (the soles) are over the head, your posture would look like a scorpion. The Vrischika-asana (Scorpion Pose) is complete here. You can hold this pose for ten to twenty seconds.
For restoring the normal position, the first one, you are to do all the actions in their reverse order.

BENEFITS OF DOING VRISHCHIKASANA: All the asanas have their general benefits. They help increasing health and vitality of human body. If we cannot do this posture in full, we can do it in half. It is called the Ardha Vrishchikasana or Half Scorpion Posture. The Vrishchikasana has its peculiar benefits, too.

Here are some of the benefits of both of these yoga postures.
> Obviously, it makes the muscles of hands and arms stronger, as the entire weight of body is to be balanced on hands. It is needless to say that your palms and the wrists get more strength by regular practice.

> As your body in this posture gives much work to the abdominal muscles, the disorders of abdomen would be eliminated gradually. It helps in keeping your spine flexible and more elastic. It would make your body looking shapelier.

> Scorpion pose involves the strength of almost all the muscles of your body; thus if you practice it regularly you would find yourself more energetic.


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