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Friday, August 25, 2017

My Hand Made Organic Ganesha

This is how our little Organic Ganesha '' My Hand Made ''

 Step-1. A big blob of wet clay cut into rectangles.

2. Step two made a base for Ganesha and made his cute big round tummy and
wrapped around legs.

Step 3: Added head and hands
Step 4: added trunk and ears and few decorations around his neck

Step 5. Ganesha gets a crown and his face is much more defined.

step6 : Black eyed peas make excellent eyes, add trunk and his ride the mooshika/rat.

Step7 : Ganesha gets few blings and he is already to come home.

Look at This cute Ganesha's made by other kids, you can tell that they were a creative bunch.


Avoid use of thermocol, plastic items, crackers, disposable plates, bring clay made, use CLF lighting, do immersion in artificial immersion tanks/ponds.

Wishing everyone a very peaceful and a gastronomic Ganesh Chaturdi.

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