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Karma and Vegetarianism

The Sanskrit word karma means "action" or, in a more narrow sense, any material action that entails consequences that bind man to the material world. Though the concept of karma is generally associated with Eastern philosophy, many people in the West are beginning to understand that the law of karma is such as fundamental and immutable law of nature, like the time factor or the law of gravity.

Our every action entails certain consequences. According to the law of karma, if we cause pain and suffering to other living beings, we will also suffer - this is equally true of the individual, and to society as a whole. We are reaping the benefits of what we have sown, paying for their deeds in this life and in the next, for in nature - his court.

Circumvent the law of karma can not be no one except those who understand how it works. To understand how karma leads to wars, let us consider an example that is provided in the Vedas. Sometimes in a bamboo grove as a result of the friction stems of bamboo each other a fire starts. But the real reason it is not the trees, and the wind, swaying them. Trees - this is only the mediators. Similarly, on the basis of the law of karma, we can conclude that it is not the United States and the Soviet Union are the real culprits of the tensions that exist between them, and which may cause a fire of nuclear war. The true cause is the imperceptible wind of karma, which is saved as the innocent inhabitants of the earth.
According to the law of karma, the closest store or kiosk that sells meat pies (this can also be related gynecological clinic where abortions, but it's a topic for another book) are more relevant to the threat of nuclear war hanging over mankind than the White House or the Kremlin. We shudder at the thought of a possible nuclear war, but we are comfortable with the fact that every day in the world outside the walls of automated slaughterhouses massacres, no less terrible than the destruction of the peoples in the fire of nuclear war. 
The man eating the flesh of animals, can say that he did not kill anyone. But in fact, buying neatly packaged meat at the store, he pays his money for something that someone else instead committed the murder. As a result of both: the one who kills and one who pays - rendered themselves the consequences of karma. What is this if not hypocrisy - to participate in a demonstration in favor of peace, and after it to satisfy your hunger in a diner sandwich with sausage or roast beef steak house? It condemned the hypocrisy of George Bernard Shaw: We beseech God to illumine our path, "Give us the light of the all-good God!" Nightmare of war does not allow us to sleep, but the teeth have flesh of dead animals.

In his commentary on the "Bhagavad Gita" Srila Prabhupada says: "He who needlessly killing and torturing animals as do the butchers will just kill in the next life ... In the Judeo-Christian scriptures clearly states: "Thou shalt not kill." Yet even religious leaders who claim to be saints, kill animals, thinking that all sorts of excuses. These deceit and hypocrisy rooted in human society, are the cause of countless disasters such as the World Wars, during which entire nations destroy each other on the battlefield. And not so long ago, scientists have invented a nuclear bomb, weapons of mass destruction, which is just waiting in the wings. "These are the consequences of karma.

Those who know how the law of karma, know that peace can not be achieved through demonstrations and petitions. Instead, you should explain to the people what the consequences entail the killing of innocent creatures (and unborn children). Of course, it would help to ease the burden of karma lying on mankind. Solve the problems existing in the world, are the only people with pure consciousness, able to understand that the real trouble is the lack of human spirituality.
Sinners have always existed and will exist, but they are not in any case be allowed to lead the society. Those who eats meat, vegetarians are often accused that they also resorted to violence, killing plants - this charge is one of the most common arguments against vegetarianism. In response to this, it should be noted that vegetarian foods such as ripe fruits, many vegetables, nuts, grains and milk, the person receives without committing any murders. 
As for those cases where we still have to take the life of the plants, it is easy to understand that, because plants have less developed consciousness than animals, causing them pain does not go to any comparison with the torments of the animals at the slaughterhouse, not to mention the suffering that suffer for slaughter animals for their entire lives.

Of course, we do not deny that vegetarians have to kill plants and that the killing is also violence, but we can not get along at all without food. Said in the Vedas: jivo jivasya jivanam - in the struggle for existence of one living entity is food for another. Thus, the problem is not how to completely avoid violence - it is almost impossible - and to provide themselves with the necessary food, causing minimal suffering to other beings.

Anyone who takes the life of another living being, even if it's just a plant, of course, commits the sin, but Krishna, the Supreme Lord, free us from sin, taking what we offer him. Offering cooked food to the Lord, we are freed from the responsibility, like the soldier who kills people on the battlefield. In war, a soldier walking on the orders of the commander to attack and kill the enemy, award medal. But if the same soldier kills someone on a whim, he will be punished.

Similarly, if we eat only prasadam, we do not commit any sin. This is supported in the "Bhagavad Gita" (3.13) "The devotees of the Lord, receiving food brought to him as a sacrifice, get rid of all sins. Those who prepare food to enjoy it, eat a sin. " This brings us to the main point: vegetarianism, despite its importance, is not an end in itself. 

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