Hindus and Jains come together with Resolve to Protect Cows

Hindus and Jains come together with resolve to protect Cows
Nashik (Maharashtra) : A cow that has 33 crores Deities in its body and cattle is slaughtered very brutally every day and that too in the holy land of Bharat; but we don’t feel bad about it. It is very unfortunate. Pu. Preetisudhaji, Jain Sadhvi expressed the above remorse. A gathering was held on behalf of Jain community for protection of cows, cattle and farmers which was addressed by her. Pu. Madhusmitaji M. S., Mr. Sunil Mansingh of ‘National Govansh Ayog’ and Mr. Milind Ekbote of ‘Samasta Hindu Aghadi’ were present on the occasion.

Pu. Madhusmitaji M S said, “There is rise in different kinds of ailments as cows are no longer reared; therefore, foreign companies are earning millions of rupees from India by selling medicines. Cows are being slaughtered in front of us; before a cow is slaughtered, steam at 200 deg. temperature is sprayed on its body for separating its skin; then its neck is cut and all blood is removed after which it is slaughtered i.e. it is  tortured before killing. Every part of cow’s body is being used by foreign companies to desecrate Hindus. Cow’s bones are used for preparing toothpaste; medicines are prepared from its blood; thus it is a ploy to desecrate Hindus. Every citizen should make a resolve to stop sale of cow, so also stop its slaughter.” Mr. Sunil Mansingh said, “Land remains fertile due to cattle; but the present Govenment is trying to destroy the same. The Government is also transferring about 7, 00, 000 acres of farmers’ fertile land to ‘SEZ’ projects and factories. Bangladesh is dependent only on India as about 15 to 20 lakhs of cattle is sent to Bangla Desh from India.” Mr. Milind Ekbote informed that government was exending 100 % concession for expenses towards local transport and export of cattle. Many religious leaders, Saints, organisations engaged in protection of cows, conducting research on the subject etc; rulers, people from Jain and other communities attended the program.

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