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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


All Life is energy and, as such, it moves. We function as a system but the system has more than one part. In fact, science is discovering that we are much more complex than was originally thought.

We are not just the physical body. More and more we hear phrases such as the emotional body, mental body, etheric body and the celestial body. While these have a connection with and an overlapping of the physical body, they are separate and distinct. We are greater than the sum of our parts.

Our understanding of Life, Consciousness and Being as "humans" is a constantly growing and evolving science. In the west we have inherited a very European view from the middle ages that views the body as a machine and nothing more. Other cultures speak of energetic bodies, auric bodies, chakra systems, etc.--all of which make up ourselves.

By working with the individual chakra centers, we balance and intensify our connection with our 5 senses. Our senses are a multi-tasking organism that filters and identifies the competing energies that come into contact with our body. By working with our senses, we become more sensitive and better able to work on a conscious, multifaceted or multidimensional level.

Many people equate tantra with sex or sexuality. And this is true, as sex or sexuality involves the senses. With practice of the Tantric science, we are able to become multi orgasmic or experience "whole body" orgasms.

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